7 Easy DIY Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Actually Use

Let’s be honest for a minute: you totally want to get your boyfriend or girlfriend something cute for the holidays, but it’s hard when you have approximately $0.98 in your bank account.  It’s the season of “giving,” but it can be hard to give when you’ve got nothing. Whether you’ve been with them for years or just a few months, you want to give them something they’ll actually like and use. It’s times like these when you really need to tap into your inner DIYer and make some gifts.

Unfortunately, when you google DIY Christmas gifts, you get a lot of things like “punny” cards or cheesy ornaments with tiny snowmen on them .Those can be cute for some people, but when you’re looking for a DIY gift that’s useful in every day life, you want something a little more practical and a little less kitchy. You also want to go for something that has a personal touch and doesn’t seem too generic. So, if you are looking for something a little more unique, check out these easy DIY gifts your boyfriend will actually want to use. 

Are you going to make any of these DIY gift? Tell us in the comments!

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