17 Best Examples Of The #AndysComingChallenge You Need To See Right Now

If you’ve noticed, recently, that a lot of people around you have suddenly started flinging themselves to the earth for no apparent reason, don’t worry about it. It’s just an internet fad! Specifically, it’s one called the “Andy’s Coming Challenge.” Some of you may have known about this for a few weeks now, while others might have read about it, as I did, for the first time on theSkimm this morning. Either way, the idea behind it is simple. Someone yells “Andy’s coming!” to a group of people, and then said group of people have to flop to the ground, just like the sentient-in-human-absence toys in Toy Story do whenever a person enters the room.

I would say, as a personal critique, that the Andy’s Coming Challenge is really just an inferior derivative of both the Mannequin Challenge and the entire Toy Story franchise as a whole, just as the critically-acclaimed HBO Original Series Westworld is just an inferior derivative of the 1996 young adult novel Running Out Of Time. (Think about it). But, still, it’s fun. And who would deny us a little fun at this current juncture of the world? So, check out the best examples of the Andy’s Coming Challenge right here:

1. This Mannequin/ Andy’s Coming Challenge one is like…actually incredible, yes?


2. This one, too:


3. Uniforms!


4. I can’t decide if my favorite versions are the ones where ludicrous amounts of people participate…


5. Or no one does:


6. Or, if there’s just one person who doesn’t get it:


7. I don’t know! They just have a certain kind of appeal, don’t they?


8. Why keep it confined to your school? Take it to the mall:


9. Or the field:




11. There’s something particularly endearing about athletes doing this challenge:


12. Right?


13. Ahhhh:


14. It’s best, probably, if your teachers have no idea what’s going on:


15. Huh:


16. Welp. It’s a good challenge:


17. I mean, can you top this?

What do you think of this challenge? Have you done it yet? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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