6 Ways To Make Your Clothes Smell Fresh Without Washing Them

One positive thing about the changing temperature is bringing out all of your clothes from storage. You’ve probably missed some of your favorite pieces. I know I have been looking forward to snuggling up in my cozy sweaters again. Opening up those storage boxes is almost as good as opening up presents on Christmas morning. Unlike your shiny, new Xmas presents, your clothes can come out of their boxes smelling.

You know what I’m talking about. That smells-like-your-uncle’s-damp-basement smell. Or that old-house-that-hasn’t-been-dusted-in-80-years stink. It’s not like you put your clothes away dirty last year, yet they still end up smelling from being tucked away in bins for the last couple of months.

Some people might like to refresh all of their stuff by washing it, but if you ask me, that is a complete waste of time and water. If you put away your clothes when they were covered in cat hair and gravy, then I would say you definitely need to wash them (and maybe consider changing up your packing routine.) If the only thing that is wrong with them is a musty smell, you can fix that with just a few simple hacks. No washing machine and soap required. Check out six easy wash to give those stinky clothes a quick refresh.

Spray Them With A Lemon And Water Mixture

Got an extra lemon in the fridge? Mix a few squirts of lemon with some water and you have yourself a refreshing clothes mist. If you used up all of your lemons for those lemon squares you made, you can substitute a splash of vinegar in. Just be aware that if you have any delicate silk or sheer fabrics in your wardrobe, you should be careful spraying anything on them.

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Pop Them In The Dryer With A Scented Sheet

You don't need to use the washing machine before the dryer. Throw your smelly clothes in with a scented dryer sheet and they will come out smelling freshly washed. Note that you need to add the sheet otherwise the dryer could actually enhance the musty smell.

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Spray Them With Perfume

You probably spritz a bit of perfume on your outfit every day, so follow the same idea by spraying your entire wardrobe. When you put on the garments, you can give them another quick spray for a refresh.

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Add A Potpourri Bag To Your Drawer

Potpourri isn't just for bathrooms. You can pop a bag over a hanger in your closet or you can tuck one away in your drawer. If you're feeling fancy, you can even DIY your own potpourri. However, I won't judge you if you just buy one from the store. No matter what type you use, your clothes will be smelling fresh as a daisy in no time.

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Hang Them Outside

If you're lucky enough to have a clothesline, take full advantage of it. Hang up every piece that has a funky smell. A few hours in the breeze will be more than enough to get rid of it. If you don't have access to an outdoor space where you can hang up your clothes, opening up a window on a breezy day and putting your clothes in front of it will still banish the musty smell. Air is air.

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Try A Refreshing Spray

There are so many different sprays you can use on your clothes. If you have some Febreeze or something similar around, give your closet a quick mist. FYI: Be careful of spraying delicate fabrics. That includes silk, suede, and leather.

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How do you freshen up your clothes without washing them? Let us know in the comments!

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