8 Reasons Being An Introvert Sucks

The internet loves romanticizing being an introvert: sitting quietly in a cozy sweater, sipping tea, yet somehow always being perfectly made up – we all have Tumblr accounts, we’ve seen this before. Don’t they know being an introvert actually sucks? Honest to goodness, I wish that I enjoyed being in new social situations, engaging new people, and freely being myself without it making me feel anxious. Extroverts, I salute you. I wish I was one of you. I am not and if you aren’t either, maybe you’ll relate to this post. I mean, sure, there are perks to being an introvert, but don’t you sometimes wish you had a different personality? I’d love to walk around unabashedly confident and excited to be in a crowded environment for extended periods of time.

TBH, there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert. It’s a faction of who you are as a person and not something that needs curing or remedying, but aren’t you all also sick of how being introverted is lauded as being the Peak Quirky Cool Girl primary personality trait? It’s not just a meme – being an introvert can be tough. Like most other things in life, it has it’s upsides and downsides, and the downsides can full on suck sometimes. That’s fine. You don’t have to enjoy every part of yourself all of the time. You can be annoyed by things. You can have a sense of humor about it. I know I’ve looked at myself and went, “Come on, really?” at least once a month. In particular, these are eight things that totally suck about being an introvert.

Your Friends Get Annoyed When You Don't Want To Go Out

One of the biggest parts of being an introvert is that you need time on your own to re-charge and get energy. It makes sense to you, but unfortunately, people who aren't this way just don't get it. If you bail on plans often, or you just don't really make them very much, your friends can easily start to get annoyed. Sometimes, you want to have low-key hangouts and they want to go out with a bunch of people, and you don't want to, and they get annoyed about that. It's happened to me a lot! It's frustrating to constantly feel guilty and try to explain yourself.

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Opening Up To People Is Hard

I envy people who can be vulnerable with others without fear. They connect more easily, are perceived as more charismatic, and are the epicenters of social gatherings. Unfortunately, opening up to others is skill set that needs practice. It's possible to be rusty at it. It's a muscle that needs to be worked or else it weakens. Ask anyone who's just gotten out of a seriously long term relationship and had to start dating again. It's weird and difficult and they're all like "How do I do this?" The same thing goes for making new friendships and forming new human connections. It's so hard to do!

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You Either Engage In Small Talk Or Deep Convos With Little In Between

Since introverts usually section themselves off into either fringe acquaintances or deep friendships, you're either discussing what you think the clouds are going to do today or having the most intense conversation about life's big questions. Keeping distant people at a distance leaves them there with little opportunity for growth in your life that makes you really reliant on your close relationships for all of your emotional needs and outlet for human connection. Getting to know someone, building a close freindship, and opening up to them takes a lot out of you. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to maintain being vulnerable for an extended period of time. So, of course you have people who are much closer than others, and it makes your conversations pretty polarizing.

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People Confuse Your Silence For Judgement

It's not resting bitch face, I just have nothing to contribute to the conversation right now. If you are quiet and not actively smiling or at least participating somewhat in a discussion, people can assume you're mean which very well might not be the case. Just because you aren't vocally being like "Yes! You're awesome! So good!" Do you also feel the need to be overtly nice and bubbly just to compensate for your perceived bitchiness? Introverts aren't silent because they're silently judging you and making mental notes of all of your mess ups in their heads to talk about you later, we're honestly just quieter people. And that's fine.

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Phone Calls Are Awful

Look, some people like it because you don't have to talk to the person face to face. Others hate it for this exact reason. So much in life requires that you call for help, to confirm, to schedule, or to start something and it's always the most awkward part of your week. Some people insist that a phone call is required in some social situations v. texting someone and I tend to agree, it just doesn't make us feel any better about actually having to do the damn thing. Between service drops and the awkward "do I call them back?" moment or those pockets of silence between different subjects. Phone calls are the worst and everybody knows it. Pass it on.

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It Takes A Ton Of Energy From You To Go Out

Some people love crowds and parties. They can go forever and talk to everybody and it doesn't wipe them out. Actually, it fuels them. What?! Who does that? Extroverts, apparently. Going out and being social requires a lot of energy just for you to get out the door and social interaction is doubly taxing. You've woken up the next morning with a social hangover and may need to retreat to a space by yourself to recoup for the next week so you can rally and go to someone *else*'s birthday party the following Saturday. As introverts, we have a self care and strategy towards allocating our energy to being able to function in social situations because unfortunately, it takes a lot out of us.

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You Are The Best At Entertaining Yourself

Why leave your house when there's so much to do there! Wait... why is this a bad thing? Because you never leave your house! If this is what works best for you, by all means, do you and hang out however you have the most fun, but sometimes, somedays, you need to leave your house and see other people. Why engage socially when you are your own best friend and greatest source of entertainment and activities? I know interacting with people is the worst sometimes, but truth be told, we all need human connection to survive in this world and unfortunately, a ton of it exists outside of your house.

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You Dread The Class Participation Portion Of Your Cumulative Grade

Whyyyy do you have to raise your hand, why? Unfortunately, it counts towards - what? - 25 percent of your grade?! Who does that? I see you, people who half-raise your hand or speak quietly so your teacher makes you speak UP? Again? Ugh. Class participation might make you feel exhausted or anxious if this is not something that feels comfortable for you. You might even dread getting called on. Everyone goes queit, all eyes turn on you, then you speak like you have a point of view and hope for the best. Doesn't sound ideal. Personally, I'd rather kick back, take notes, learn, do my job, then get out of class scott free and I'm sure you do, too.

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Are you an introvert? Do you love it or hate it? Let us know in the comments!

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