14 Images With Genius Tips On How To Study Math

I know it’s a *thing* for girls to talk about how much they hate math, and I don’t want to be part of furthering the stereotype that women can’t be mathematicians, but I really, really can’t stand math. I was always a pretty good student, but when it came to math class, I felt doomed no matter what. From the moment I started seventh grade until I graduated high school, math class was my least favorite time of the day. I came thisclose to failing those classes a few times, and it wasn’t because I wasn’t trying. I was! I tried so hard. I had tutors I saw multiple times a week, I researched how to study math, I spent time working with my dad (who is really good at math), I practiced, I memorized, I made flash cards, I went to extra help, and I basically almost sold my soul to my teachers in order to show them this.

Unfortunately, math just never clicked for me. I have a more creative brain and excelled in subjects like English and History, and I know I’m not the only one out there who took this path. If you’re bad at math too, you know how hard it is – and how much harder it is when you’re a girl. Some people expect you to be bad at math, which is insulting. Others seem annoyed if you are. Someone once told me I should never tell anyone I’m bad at math, because it would hold me back as a woman. That bothered me a lot, I’m not going to lie.

Anyway. Math is really tough, and I am in awe of people who just *get* it. A lot of us do not, and considering this is the time of year many of you will start studying and preparing for math tests and finals, I know you’re probably stressed out. The images below offer up lots of genius tips on how to study math, how to ace your exams, and how to understand math a little bit better. Check them out before you make a study plan – trust me.

1. Remember that, as annoying as it sounds, the best place to start is in class. Keep these tips in mind to make studying and homework easier:




2. Don’t get confused by the many symbols math has to offer. Memorize what they mean:




3. Remember how to do the basics, like fractions, because it will help you with the more difficult equations. And try using phrases to remember things, like these:




4. Start relying on these habits and practices:




5. Basic study tips are also obviously important. Start following these tips and you’ll definitely see a difference:




6. Sometimes learning from your mistakes is really helpful. Here are some common math mistakes you can learn from:




7. Writing out your math work is just as important as understanding what you’re doing, because most teachers grade on the work AND the answer, not just the answer. Here’s how to do it in the most organized way:




8. No matter what you’re doing, go through these seven steps:






9. These strategies might sound a little silly, but they’re still helpful in a pinch:




10. One of the most frustrating things about math is when you know the right answer, but you can’t get credit for it because you didn’t show the “proper” work. Here’s what that means:




11. Knowing what symbosl mean is always important:  




12. Even the most simple of strategies can make a difference sometimes:




13. These more general study tips are definitely worth paying attention to:




14. And of course, never forget the basics of math. They’ll get you through a lot:




Do you have trouble with math? Did you find these helpful? How do you study math? Let us know in the comments.

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