Quiz: Should You And Your BFF Stop Being Friends?

As nice as it would be if friendships always lasted forever, we know that that isn’t the case. In fact, as you get older, you find that more friendships get lost rather than sticking around. Sometimes, friendships just run their course. There’s not really anything you can do to prevent it, it just happens. People grow apart, and that’s okay. Maybe you and your BFF have been inseparable since  kindergarten, but now you guys don’t really “click” anymore. Or maybe you both just don’t have as much fun as you used to. It really sucks, but again, it happens, and when it happens, you might feel confused about what to do. How do you know when it’s time for you and your BFF to stop being friends?


It can feel awful to let a friendship drag on after the fun has fizzled out. What’s even worse is to feel obligated to stay friends with someone just because you’ve been BFFs for so long. Just because you guys have known each other since preschool doesn’t mean that you have to be friends for the rest of your lives. It can be hard to decide if you and your BFF are just going through a rough patch, or actually just shouldn’t be friends. Is it time to move on? Or try and salvage your friendship? Take this quiz to see if it’s time to move on from your BFF or stick it out.

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