18 Awesome Things The Presidential Election Ruined Forever

Whoever you want to be President of the United States, I think we can all agree on one thing: we are exhausted. We’re sick of talking about politics, we’re sick of arguing with friends we wouldn’t normally argue with, we’re sick of going on Facebook and reading nonsensical comments on news stories, and we’re sick of hearing Donald Trump speak. We’re tired. This election has had such a negative impact on people, including ruining some of our favorite things. Everything became politicized in the last few months! Thankfully, everything will be over soon, but these things will be destroyed forever.

It’s hard to think of your social media feed not being flooded with political posts and memes, but it will soon be reality. The hyped up sensationalism that came with this election isn’t surprising, but it is kind of the worst. So many things have become symbols of campaigns that I feel like I can’t even pick out candy without Googling if one of them endorsed it or something. Try as you may, you can’t avoid this election. And on this last day, #ImWithYou (see what I did there? I can’t stop). These are 18 things this election has ruined forever, indiscriminately, no matter what your political views are.

1) Skittles.

Remember that time Donald Trump’s son tweeted an analogy about some errant poison Skittles being the same as refugees and we all ate a collective handful of Skittles even though they’re not that great? You had a good run there, Skittles.


2) Tic-Tacs.

Dearest breath mints, I’m sorry Trump mentioned you by name when he said he needs you before he starts kissing women. We know you did nothing wrong and I’m sorry we all think of him when we see you in line at the grocery store.


3) The word pussy.

How can you forget about Trump saying he grabs women by the pussy? I motion we all move to c-unt as the new acceptable word because we’ve all heard enough of the word “pussy” in gross ways and reclaimed ways alike.


4) Pussy bows.

A pussy bow top is one that ties at the neck in a bow. Following the leaked tape of Trump saying “grab her by the pussy,” Melania Trump, in a slick move even I have to applaud, wore a Gucci “pussy bow” top to the debate that immediately followed the scandal. Now I guess I can’t wear one.


5) Grabbing anything.

Hey, I’m going to grab a cup of coffee.
Yeah! Grab it by the cup!

Grabbing anything will only be contextualized as grabbing something by something else because people think this is funny. Ugh.


6) Twitter.



The social media platform was featured front and center in this election. From Trump’s absurd and offensive tweets to Hillary’s that were trying way too hard to be “young” and “hip,” Twitter had no chill. Twitter was doing the most. We all need a break from Twitter, yeah?


7) Your Facebook friends.

Thought someone was a decent person and it turns out they’re a complete homophobic racist? Me too! You probably logged on to Facebook at the wrong time. Happens to most of us. Now none of us can unsee or unlearn this information no matter who wins.


8) The word nasty.

I’m definitely getting a nasty t-shirt, for sure, but it’s the only adjective we’re using now, isn’t it?


9) Classic Janet Jackson songs.

I love Janet. I love old school Janet. I don’t love erasing Janet from her groundbreaking work by photoshopping Clinton’s face over hers. But, shout out to everyone screaming different lyrics whenever this song plays ever again in the near future.


10) E-mails.



11) Hashtags.

The thing I hated most about this election, more than anything, is that each candidate had their own hashtag for their campaign and everything got hashtagged to death and how do we make it stop how how how.


12) Novelty hats.

Bye, red trucker hats, the sight of you is now a trigger. Even the parody ones, my knee jerk reaction is to avert eye contact and pretend I’m invisible. And we all loved hats!


13) Making anything great.

Another perfectly good adjective bites the dust. I saw a Halloween store with a sign “Make Halloween Great Again!” Ugh.


14) “I voted” stickers.

I posted a selfie with my “I voted” sticker during the primaries, but you have to shuffle through all of them on Instagram and that can be annoying. I’m clearly not completely anti the classic voting selfie, but even creating new and original ways to photograph you with a sticker is also a little tiring, don’t you think?


15) Televised news.

Nonstop election coverage aside, everybody screaming at each other, and people you don’t agree with being extra, extra hateful… were any of you also surprised you agreed with Megyn Kelly… about anything? Turning on the news was always a mixed bag of garbage and I doubt it’ll go back to normal anytime soon.


16) Elephants.

Shout out to Democrat girls who love elephant things and get mistaken for Republicans! Republicans, you will always have the cuter party symbol. Elephants themselves are the cutest. I mean, look at that little guy! However, Democrats can always reinvent “_____ ass” phrases because donkeys.


17) The word “trump.”

Not the name, the verb meaning to be unbeatable. I want us to never use this word again. Even the Clinton “love trumps hate” posters still put a positive spin on someone’s name that’s an actual passable word when that person isn’t in line with that policy anyway. Gross. No more of this word, please.


18) Respecting people running for public office.

None of that was present during this election for obvious reasons and I’m not okay with that.


What things has the election ruined for you? Has it made anything better? Let us know in the comments!

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