15 Things You Totally Forgot You Were Obsessed With In Elementary School

At this point in your conventional schooling career–which probably involves midterms, SAT prep, and the constant, mounting pressure of having to live up to the expectations that everyone else has set for you–it can be hard to acknowledge a time, if ever there was one, when you actually liked school. But this is most likely because you’re just not looking back far enough. You know, like, all the way back to elementary school.

I mean, this isn’t exactly a novel idea, but elementary school was objectively dope, wasn’t it? There are the obvious reasons why this was, of course, like recess, the books your teacher would read aloud to you at the end of the day, and being graded on effort instead of actual results. But beyond that, it was significantly easier to glean actual happiness from material goods and posessions. Like, sure, being gifted a bunch of Sephora products today wouldn’t make you miserable, but there are very few items that would be likely to rival the joy of your first THING.  So, detach from your current academic responsibilities and adolescent angst for just one second and reminisce on a better time with these things you totally forgot you were obsessed with in elementary school:

1. This sweet, sweet outfit:



2. Impressing everyone with your revolutionary recorder technique:

3. Going Gucci at the Scholastic Book fair twice a year (parents permitting, of course):



4. Being rewarded at the end of a long, hard day by watching a Bill Nye video:

5. Butt scooters:

6. This timeless game:


7. Getting to wear your special class t-shirt for field day:


8. Also wearing a special outfit whenever you were around your crush, but vehemently denying the existence of said crush whenever someone asked you about it:


9. Marker swords, which, if you think about it, are the only DIY project that ever really mattered:



10. Another important DIY project:



11. Your rolling backpack, which let everyone in the hall know that they better respect you…or else:


12. Or, if you couldn’t spring for a rolling backpack, the sweet monogrammed version from L.L. Bean:


13. Risking expulsion for a classic comedy bit like this:


14. Wearing your sickest sleeping garb on pajama day:


15. But, really–if you weren’t wearing gouchos when you stunted on someone in elementary school were you even stunting on them at all?

Nope. You sure weren’t.

Were you obsessed with these things too? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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