9 Genius Tips On How To Study With Friends

You don’t need me to tell you that studying can be boring AF. After reading three chapters about something I know that I am never going to use in the *real world*, my eyes are glazing over and I feel like I’m about to fall asleep at my desk. It doesn’t matter if I just had four espresso shots. My eyelids are going to be closing ASAP. That’s why studying with friends can make things so much better.

Studying with friends isn’t just great because they can help keep you awake, but it can actually help you boost your knowledge. However, if you do it wrong, it can be a major waste of those precious hours of reading time. There were situations when I was in school where I thought I was going to have a really great group study session. Then it turned out to be a major gossip fest. I’m pretty sure some people didn’t even bring their books.

To prevent those annoying situations, I have some tips that will help you actually study with friends. You might not think that it can be done, but trust me, it can. When I learned how to effectively study in a group, I was more confident going into tests and I never felt like I was about to fall asleep once during the studying session. Take a look at nine ways you can effectively study with your friends. Share them with your friends so they’ll be on the same (textbook) page as you.

Have A Plan

Before you even crack open your books together, you should have sorted out what you're going to be studying with your friends. If someone has been focusing on chapters three and five while you've been focusing on chapters two and four, there's going to be an issue. Decide what you're going to cover and how you're going to do it, so both of you can individually prepare beforehand.

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Set A Time Limit

Read any study tips list and it will tell you need to take a break. You cannot study for five hours straight. It doesn't matter who you are. The same rules still apply in groups. Make plans that you're going to be studying from say one o'clock to three o'clock. Don't just say we'll study for the afternoon. When you're on a limit, you'll use your time better. Without one, it is easy to put the studying off until later and do your usual friend catch up first.

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Keep Groups Small

This is a study group, not a party, so don't have it turn into one. Cap your group off at a couple of friends. The more people you get involved, the harder it will be. Not only are there more people to keep focused, you also have to find a method that will suit everyone. Plus, you'll have to make sure that you're focusing on stuff that you all need to brush up on.

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Pick The Right People

Some people find it great to study with their best friends while others can't because they know they have so many more exciting things to talk about. You could also love hanging around with someone, but when it comes to studying with them, you might hate it because they just want to turn it into a laugh session. Pick your people carefully. Consider ones that have similar studying patterns as you. You can even think about asking an acquaintance to study together. You probably have less inside jokes together so there will be less chance of goofing off and more hitting the books.

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Try Some Games

You might play some study games by yourself, but you can also do them with friends. One of the easiest ones you can do is verbally quizzing each other. It's quick, it's simple and it doesn't require any prep work. Plus, it helps both the quizzer and the quizzee.

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Make Your Intentions Clear

Before you even meet up with your friends, make it clear that you want to study. Period. You're not using *studying* as a code word for go shopping. You want to hit the books and you want to actually learn something. You can also state what things you want to focus on and how you'd like to study together. Then hear their feedback on it.

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Don't Feel Guilty About Leaving

You're not there to keep your buddy company or to calm her down from stressing out about studying. You, my friend, are there to study. If you find that the study group just isn't what you thought it was going to be, leave. Period. It's not rude. It is saving you time and stress in the long run. Those hours you're sitting around doing nothing are time when you could be reading another chapter on your own.

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Play To Both Of Your Strengths

Are you both visual learners? Do both of you prefer studying in the morning as opposed to the evening? Then have your study session incorporate these things. If you find that your strengths are too different, don't feel bad about deciding that it's best if you don't study together. It could actually hinder you if you're both compromising too much.

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Make Some Time For Fun Stuff

You're with your friends so of course you're going to want to have fun. Instead of having your study session turn into one long party, agree that you can do something fun at the end of it as a reward. Don't do it at the beginning, because you'll never get anything done. You'll just want the good times to continue instead of getting down to anything serious.

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How do you study effectively with your friends? Let us know in the comments!

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