7 Lifesaving Tips On How To Talk In Class If You’re Super Shy

I wouldn’t consider myself a super shy person at this point in my life, but when I was in high school, I had a lot of social anxiety. The worst part was that I didn’t even know what social anxiety was until I had already graduated high school and moved on to college. You know that nervous feeling you get when your heart races and your hands get all sweaty when you have to answer a question in class?  Or that shaking feeling you get when you are about to present a project in front of everyone? You feel everyone’s eyes on you and you suddenly feel the need to throw up? That’s called social anxiety, and it’s very real. It’s also very common, so know that you’re not alone. It can feel really awful when everyone is paying attention to you, but the good news is that there are ways to help overcome your anxiety when it comes to talking in class.

It can be embarrassing to admit that you get nervous talking in class, but you’d be surprised to learn that it happens to so many people. Being shy and nervous in class is not something you can just quickly get over, but it’s something you can totally work on. I know it feels like you will never be able to get over your fear of speaking in class, which might lead you to skip class, which, I have to admit, I totally did in high school. But you should definitely NOT skip class due to your shyness! Instead, take a look at some super easy tips that will help you next time you have to speak in front  of your class. You’ve got this!

Are you a super shy girl? Did any of these tips help? Tell us in the comments!

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