6 Weird Things Toilet Paper Can Do To Your Vagina

By now, if you are an avid reader of Gurl.com (or the Internet in general, really), you know about the seemingly innocent things that are bad for your vagina: douching, anything with a scent, treatments celebrities swear by, and tight sweaty clothing, and sometimes even lube. You’ve heard, countless times, how delicate the vaginal area is, how easily infections can come about, and how you shouldn’t even bother messing with its natural cleansing. But even after knowing all of this, it is still jarring to find out that something that was literally made with your vagina in mind could be messing with it. I’m talking about toilet paper, which I recently learned can do weird things to your vag.

Does this seem strange to you? It seems strange to me, because one of the main purposes of toilet paper is to wipe your vagina. How could it betray us this way? It can, as it turns out, and maybe it already has, and you didn’t even know about it. I know. It’s rude! I feel your frustration.

Toilet paper isn’t your worst enemy, but it’s definitely seeming less than ideal right now. Want to know how it might be messing with things down here? I’m going to let you know, but just… keep using it, okay? We don’t have any better options right now, and honestly, you’re probably better off wiping and risking this stuff than not wiping and risking… other things. Anyway. Here are some weird things toilet paper can do to your vagina:

It Can Give You A UTI

It's not that wiping after you pee will cause a urinary tract infection - it's that wiping incorrectly could. If you wipe your front area first, then your butt, congratulations! You're good! If you're wiping back to front, however, you are not. Even though it seems like your vag and anus should coexist happily, they don't always - bacteria from your anus can cause infections in your vaginal area, and is a big part of the reason women get UTIs. So, just wipe correctly!

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TP Can Give You Little Cuts

Think about how annoying a paper cut on your finger is. Now imagine that on your vag. UGH. Wiping too rough or fast or hard can actually cause tiny little cuts in that area because the skin is so delicate. Switching to softer toilet paper can help, but the main thing you should do is just wipe carefully and more slowly.

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It Can Cause A Yeast Infection

Yeast infections can be caused by nasty little chemicals lingering around in your TP. These chemicals mess with your pH levels and lead to an annoying yeast infection. If you notice you're getting them frequently, try switching up your toilet paper to something hypoallergenic.

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Scented Toilet Paper Causes Irritation

I'm not really sure why anyone would need to use scented toilet paper (it's just getting thrown in the toilet and it's not really going to change your smell down there), but if you are, please stop. Anything scented is bad for your vagina, whether it's shaving cream, products made for your vag, or toilet paper. Don't use it! Don't do it! It can cause minor irritations like itching, but can lead to infections too.

It Can Make You Itchy and Puffy

Toilet paper can cause general irritation, like itchiness, puffiness, or a rash-type of symptom. It might happen if you're allergic to the chemicals in your TP, or you could be wiping too hard. If you're wiping too hard, you can actually make your vagina swell a little bit, making it puffy. Just be more careful, and again, think about switching to something hypoallergenic if you suspect your TP might be the issue.

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It Gets Stuck

Okay, this isn't THAT weird, but it is definitely annoying. Toilet paper can get stuck inside of you and around that whole area, which can be embarrassing if someone catches it while they're down there, but could also potentially not be great for you - it's never good to leave bacteria lingering down there. This can sometimes happen from rough or super soft toilet paper, so if it's something you're worried about, just do a quick check after wiping.

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Which one of these things surprised you the most? Tell me in the comments!

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