15 Amazing #MannequinChallenge Videos You Need To Watch Right Now

Honestly, it’s been quite a while since we’ve had a good old video meme challenge circulating the web. Remember the Harlem Shake? How about the Running Man Challenge? Or what about the slightly more infuriating Ice Bucket Challenge? How could you forget, TBH. It seems like everybody on earth made at least one of those videos. Well, the months and months of waiting patiently for the next big thing have finally led to something new: The Mannequin Challenge.

What is The Mannequin Challenge, you may ask? And why does it have such a weirdly creepy AF name? It’s essentially like an IRL version of freeze tag, where everyone stands frozen in a position (like a mannequin) as someone walks around filming them.  Sometimes there is music, sometimes just silence. When I first heard it, I thought, well, that sounds boring, but OH BOY was I wrong. Don’t believe me? You have to watch these weirdly addicting Mannequin Challenge videos right now then. Once you start, you CAN’T STOP. It’s incredible. Oh, and if you end up making one of your own, please send it to me. I’m obsessed.

1. This was the first one I saw and, TBH, it’s incredible. HOW did they get all of those people to do it? I’ll never know.



3. I mean, how does one stay so still?


4. They even got their TEACHER to do it.


5.Even the sports dudes got into it.


6. This is ART.


7. I’m beginning to think they are all wizards.




9. They are holding WEIGHTS! WTF.


10. They got the WHOLE lunch room to do this.


11. This one is literally the ENTIRE SCHOOL. I’m done.


12.These girls killed it.


13. How can an entire stand of people stay so still?!?!?!?


14. OMG.


15. BRB going to do this rn.



Are you doing to do the #MannequinChallenge? Show us!

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