7 Reasons Being A Virgin In School Is Great

If you watch 15 minutes of almost any teen flick, it will have you thinking that being a virgin in school is the worst. If you have your V-card, you’re one of the “geeky misfits” or you’re the “nerdy” girl pre-makeover. Not only is it a ridiculous, narrow-minded stereotype, it is also wrong. There are actually lots of benefits to being a virgin in school.

What those movies fail to show is what sex is really like for those “cool” kids who lost their virginity. It’s not all random hot hookups and orgasms every five minutes. There are some real, grown-up issues that come with having sex. I’m looking at you, STDs and pregnancy. Those ridic films also don’t show you how great being a virgin can actually be. In my humble opinion, they need to change things ASAP.

Obviously, choosing to have sex or abstain from it is a personal choice. Whatever you want to do is totally your decision. But if you’re debating about whether to have sex or feeling a little insecure about your lack of experience, hold up for a moment. There are positives to every situation and that includes remaining a virgin in school. Check out seven reasons why being a virgin in school is awesome. 

There's Less Stress

Having sex isn't all fun, sexy times. There are practical details that you have to remember: Who is going to buy condoms? Did you take your pills? Did you pick up your new pack of pills? Do you have enough lube at home? You get the point. Oh, and then there is the worry about where you're going to do the deed and whether your parents or roommates will walk in on you and your SO. Yeah.

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Relationships Are Less Complicated

TBH, relationships are already pretty complicated. When you add sex into the mix, it will always make things more stressful. It doesn't matter how good your relationship is, it is just a fact. When you take sex and all of the complicated things that come with it out of the situation, you are free to have more fun in your relationship. Instead of worrying about pregnancies and STDs, you can worry about what movie you're going to see or where you should eat next.

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No Pregnancy Worries

Even if you use all of the protection while having sex, there is still that small chance that you could get pregnant. Every time your period is late, you worry. Every time you feel nauseous or your stomach looks a little more bloated than normal, you can feel the panic rising in you. If you're not having sex, you don't have to worry about all that drama. There is no trying to figure out when you had your last period and there is no freaking out about whether that condom really did break.

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There's Less Of A Chance Of Gossip

Yeah, people are awful. If you're having sex and it gets around, people can start saying some not-so-nice things about you or your relationships. It's none of their business what you're doing or not doing, but it is still hurtful to have to deal with it. You also have to consider the fact that your hookup might spill the private details themselves around your school.

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You Can Easily Build Meaningful Relationships

I'm not saying that you can't build meaningful relationships when you're having sex. You can absolutely do that. What I mean is that when you start having sex, some relationships can end up being all about that and nothing else. When you're a virgin, you don't have the physical aspect to rely on as much in a relationship so you can focus on your emotional connection and getting to know bae in other ways.

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You Can Focus On Other Things

Even if you say that sex isn't going to consume you or your relationship, sometimes it can. If you haven't had sex, you can enjoy the fact that you can focus you and your partner's minds on other things besides horny topics. When you're not engaging in some sexy time activities, you can use that time to discover new hobbies.

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Decreased STD Risk

It will depend on just how far you go, but if you're not having the P-in-the-V kind of sex, your chance of getting STDs is reduced. If you're having oral sex, there will obviously still be some risk, but when there are less body parts involved, there is less chance of things spreading. Just remember that if you are doing stuff below the waist, to always use protection.

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What other things do you think are great about being a virgin in school? Let us know in the comments!

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