Ask A Guy: Here’s What Guys Actually Think About Period Sex

Hey Joel,

This is kind of weird, but I was wondering if you could tell me what guys think about period sex? I always want to have sex when I’m on my period but I feel really self-conscious about it. Thanks!


Don’t feel weird about wanting to have sex during your period, as you are far from alone in that desire. If you’re self-conscious when it comes to talking about it, just give things a bit more time; but if you’re actually self-conscious about doing it, you need to deal with that before you involve any guy in the process.

Insofar as what guys think about it, there really isn’t any single or dependable answer, as this is one of those things that is 100% based on each guy’s personal preference. Some guys will be totally into it, while others will run from the idea. The only real way to know is to ask, and how you go about that can have a large impact on whether or not he’ll be into it.

Instead of mentioning it in the moment, try discussing it with your boyfriend when you’re not on your period or getting frisky. That is to say, casually ask him one evening when you’re having fun if it’s something he’d be into. Since you wouldn’t be saying “let’s try it now,” it gives him some time to think about it, and this will work in your favor.

If you do find a guy who is good to go with sex on your period, remember that you still need to use protection. Many guys will try and run a line about it not being necessary because you’re having your period, but this is a complete myth. It is absolutely possible to get pregnant while on your period, so make to use proper protection like any other romp.

One other pointer is to be sure that your bed or other sexy-time surface is covered or protected. Even if you’re on the final day of your period, he might knock something loose or have some blood on him when he pulls out, and you don’t want to stain whatever surface you’re using. So along with birth control protection, be sure to involve some home décor protection as well!

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