11 Times Badass Female Celebs Called Out Sexism

If there’s one thing I love more than harmless celebrity drama, it’s when celebrities use their power to address serious issues, like sexism. Sexism is very real, and unfortunately, women are faced with it every single day. It can come in the form of a man asking for a woman to wear a certain outfit, or only referring to a singer as “so-and-so’s ex-girlfriend.” Honestly, that’s messed up! Women are constantly under criticism for just existing, and when you throw them in the spotlight, they are picked apart even more. Many women are tired of it, so they started speaking out.

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I, for one, root for most, if not all, female actresses and singers. It can be hard to be put under so much pressure every day to be some sort of “female role model,” and most of the time, they do a pretty good job at it. They manage to do all of this while also dealing with dumb AF questions about their sexual lives and bodies. Sometimes, they blow it off, but other times, they speak up and fire back with the best answers that should inspire the rest of us. They inspired me so much that I wanted to celebrate them! Take a look at these bad-ass women who are taking a stand against sexism. And remember: FEMALES ARE STRONG AS HELL.

1. When Ariana Grande was consistently mentioned by magazines as “Big Sean’s Ex-Girlfriend,” she took to twitter to express her rage with being tied to a man. Women are NOT men’s possessions!


2. When Nicki Minaj shut down a reporter who asked if she always fights with men because she “lives off of drama.” WTF?



3. When Taylor Swift called out music journalists who said she sings to much about her ex-boyfriends:


4. When Amy Poehler and Tina Fey reminded the world how unfair it was that George Clooney was getting a lifetime achievement award while his wife, Amal Almuddin, a human rights lawyer, remained un-honored:



5. Amy Schumer posting an Instagram that perfectly summed up how things are marketed towards girls vs boys:


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6.  When Mila Kunis called out a TV network for reducing her accomplishments to getting married and having children:



7.  When Brie Larson spoke out about casting director asking her to change into a mini skirt and high heels. Ugh.



8.  When Rose McGowan tweeted an example of a sexist casting call:


9. When Anna Kendrick got fed up with men always getting opportunities before women.


10.  When Emma Watson brought up an excellent point about the lack of female directors: 



11. When Adele shut down the idea that her looks have ANYTHING to do with her awesome voice:



What do you think of what these celebs said? Tell us in the comments!

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