21 Best Cursed Images Memes You Need To See Right Now

November has started, Halloween is over, and Christmas is here. (Basically.) In light of all this, one might feel compelled to hang up the gory costumes, tear down the synthetic cobwebs, and set to work on the drudgery of making everything merry, bright, and winter holiday-appropriate. But just because the official season for spookiness has reached its end, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up on being spooked altogether. This is where the Cursed Images meme comes in.

You have surely come across cursed images or photos at some point or another–if not the Cursed Images Twitter account that has reached widespread, thinkpiece-provoking popularity in recent months, then certainly the similar type of pictures that crop up on Tumblr fairly often–but you might not be able to pinpoint what, exactly, a cursed image is. That’s okay–nobody really can. According to an interview the anonymous administrator of the Cursed Images Twitter account did with Gizmodo in August, there is no one quality that can make an image truly cursed, but rather, a general sense of uneasiness that one can get by looking at the photo: “Cursed images, to me, leave you with a general uneasy feeling,” they said. “There could be certain qualities, like someone looking directly at the camera or an orb floating in the background.” Basically? They’re just pictures that look weird and make you feel weird.

Now, cursed images, like everything on the internet that is good and worthy of your admiration, do tend to lose a tiny bit of their appeal every time they are analyzed. The beauty of this meme lies in its opacity, and thus, I will not attempt to breach this opacity. Instead, I will just present you with the best, the creepiest, and, of course, the most cursed images that can be found on the web. Enjoy them at your own peril below:

1. See? Cursed:


2. This photo of Pete Wentz and Kevin from The Office is, similarly, cursed:


3. Bone-chilling:


4. Haunting:


5. I will never forget this image. Will you?


6. I just…


7. The real reason for the season:


8. Ooooh:


9. !!!!!


10. Is there any photo more iconic?


11. This, probably:


12. Lots of spaghetti content!


13. You can take your own Cursed Images, too–take, for example, this photo of me and my colleague Nina Braca when we were trapped in a bunker with Meaghan Trainor:


14. And this one, with a Times Square mascot disrobing behind me:


15. Tumblr has good stuff, too:



16. But the best ones are on Twitter:


17. Ah, yes:


18. Me:


19. Still life:


20. Well, that’s enough of that, I think:


21. Bye!

What do you think of Cursed Images? Do you have any faves? Let us know in the comments below!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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