Quiz: Where Should You Have Sex Next?

Do you ever feel like your sex life is getting a little boring? It’s not that it’s horrible – it still feels good – it’s just that it’s not earth-shatteringly great, either. Don’t worry, it’s totally not your fault. Sometimes, you can get into the same old sex routine and it’s not a bad thing at all! It can just get a little boring, you know, having sex in a bed every single time you do it. Obviously there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the bedroom for your sexy time sessions, but one of the easiest ways to spice up your sex life is to try a different location. There are a lot of other options, some of which aren’t even in your house!


Trying new sex stuff can be a little nerve-wraking, but it can also be super exciting. There’s definitely a ~rush of excitement~ from doin’ it in a different place besides your bed or even your bedroom. The only question is: where should you go? Should you have sex in a car like you’re in a teen movie? Should you try some place super risky, like a public park (probably not unless you want to risk getting arrested – just saying)? Or should you keep it on the more tame side while still doing something different? If you’re stuck on your next move, no worries, this quiz is here! Answer a few questions, and then find out where you should have sex next to change things up. Check it out!”

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