The 20 Worst Pinterest Quotes About Being A Girl That Will Make You Scream

The Internet is full of quotes. Some of them are inspiring, motivational, hilarious, or relatable in a great way. Some of them! Most of them, unfortunately, are stereotypical nonsense that make very little sense and also reduce groups of people to one narrow personality. I am, of course, referring to quotes about being a girl. If you’ve ever searched “girl quotes” or “being a girl quotes” on Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, or just Google images, you’ve probably come across a graphic with a flowery font and a stock photo of a girl with long blonde hair and big blue eyes telling you something absolutely insane. And obviously, I have to share some of them here.

That’s because I can’t stand these quotes, and I couldn’t let one more day go by without letting you all know that you do not have to listen to these. It doesn’t matter if they are in the bio of the popular girl’s Twitter page or if someone Instagrams them with hashtags like #me and #soTrue! They are not so true. They are generalizations based on gender stereotypes and they can be awful.

Of course, I am sure that these quotes are relatable to some girls. And that’s totally fine! There’s nothing wrong with being the person who reads these and feels warm-hearted that someone on the Internet could describe her so well. I’m being totally serious – that’s okay! The issue with these quotes is that they make it seem like all girls are this way, and if you aren’t this way, you are not a “real” girl. On top of that, some of them are sexist and kind of gross. It’s silly to assume that you can sum up females with a few lines of text in a Pinterest graphic.

Anyway, before I get too into this, I want to show you what I mean so you have a better idea of what I’m referring to. Here are the 20 worst quotes about being a girl that you’ll never be able to forget:

1. I had no idea that ONLY girls push doors that say pull!



2. There are only three possible reasons a girl is silent. And all of them are emotional!!!!



3. If you don’t do these things, you are not a real teenage girl. Sorry. It’s true. 



4. This is… no. Did my great-great-grandma come back from her grave and post this to Pinterest?



5. So, the truth about girls is that they’re annoying AF but also perfect? I don’t understand.

being a girl quote18


6. Yes, because you aren’t a real woman unless your every action caters to the man in your life.



7. This is not true. Confidence comes from within! That might not sound as fun but it’s true!



8. WHAT. Tell me Pete Wentz did not say this.



9. ~Science~



10. This is grammatically incorrect and also very inaccurate.



11. Okay, but…. most of these things could apply to anyone.



12. I get what you’re trying to say, but at the same time you’re putting down other girls?



13. Hi, just a note: guy friends are not perfect!



14. This insinuates that partying makes you a crappy girl and that girls only hook up with people for attention. Both of which are not true.




15. Okay we get it.





16. Because everyone knows girls don’t like this kind of thing!



17. Or just like… different moods, maybe.



18. Get pregnant? Really?



19. Ugh noooooooooooo please make this stop.



20. Right, because this isn’t something everyone in the world can relate to.


Which one of these quotes do you hate the most? Which one do you like? Tell me in the comments!

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