6 Things Girls Are Better At Dealing With Than Guys

If you have ever taken any sort of hormonal contraceptive, you may have noticed that, along with preventing pregnancy, there can be a bunch of not-so-great side effects that go along with it. These side effects, which can include depression, weight gain, nausea, headaches, decreased libido, and mood swings, affect everyone differently, but are generally accepted as something that women alone are supposed to deal with if they want to prevent pregnancy.

Last week, Broadly reported that there might be a way for men to help shoulder the birth control burden. Research from University of Edinburgh showed that a hormonal contraceptive injection for men has a 96 percent effectiveness rate for preventing pregnancy, which is almost as effective as the birth control pill. The only problem? A lot of men couldn’t handle the side effects. The study istself was not abandoned, but some subjects left it early after claiming that some of the side effects–mood swings, depression, and acne, which many women who take birth control deal with every day–were too tough to deal with.

But birth control isn’t the only thing that girls are better at handling than guys. While there are some things in life that are actually easier for girls, for the most part, women have to put up with a lot more B.S. than men do. Because of this, there are a lot of things that, on the whole, women are better at dealing with than men. So, check out these things that girls are, statistically, much better at dealing with than guys. Some of them will surprise you! Others, uh, will not:


While men tend to have a higher pain threshold--aka the point at which a person begins to feel pain after being exposed to a stimulus--according to WebMD, women are better at dealing with pain itself. This means that women utilize more coping mechanisms, seek help more quickly, recover easily from pain, and are less likely to let pain control their lives.

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If you've ever noticed that the girls in your group for an upcoming class project seem to be handling the pressure of your looming deadline than the guys, there's a reason for that--women are better at coping with stress than men. This is for a few reasons, the simplest of which being that, from a young age, girls are often taught methods for expressing and tolerating stress while guys are usually expected to just deal with it,  but more recent study done at State University of New York at Buffalo showed that the presence of estrogen, the primary female sex hormone, actually provides a "cushioning effect" for stress that isn't present in guys.

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Another area in which having a little extra estrogen can help? Getting sick, apparently--according to a study done by McGill University, estrogen actually helps bolster the immune system. This means that girls, on the whole, are better at both resisting and recovering from illness and infection  than guys are.

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Getting Jobs

In other stress-related news, according to a study done by University of Western Ontario in 2012 found that women are better at handling the pressure of interviewing for jobs than men are. In this study--in which researchers told college students they were going to be doing job interviews and tracked their behavior leading up to the event-- girls practiced their interviews ahead of time and talked to their friends and family about any anxiety they felt about it. Guys, on the other hand, mostly just pretended they didn't care about it, which made their actual interview performances significantly worse than the girls'.

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Future ladybosses, listen up--according to a Gallup poll done in 2012, women are better at managing in the workforce than men are. Female managers, on average, are better at engaging with their employers than male managers are, and are also better at engaging with their workplace in general. In turn, this means that female employees who work for a female manager are the most engaged members of the workforce overall. So, uh, if you need an argument for an all-girl study group, this might be it.

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There's an old, tired Mad Men era-adjacent stereotype about women that paints women as frivolous shopping addicts and men as the member of the family who has to wrangle women in and provide for the family.  According to Business Insider, however, this isn't true at all. In fact, in many cases, women are actually better at dealing with money than men are--women earn less but are better at managing finances. They also have less credit card debt, are more financially independent, and are more careful about investments.

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Were you surprised by any of these facts? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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