10 Things In Life That Are Easier For Women Than Men

We live in a world where men and women are still not 100 percent equal, whether you want to admit it or not. There are plenty of things that men have easier than women: making more money, getting a job in politics, having sex with a lot of people without being called a “slut,” etc. Guys feel pressure to look a certain way, but not nearly as much pressure as women. They can give direction and tell people what to do without being looked at as a “bitch.” They don’t get their periods (a blessing, at the end of the day, but also very annoying). They can pee without pulling their pants down!

In all seriousness, though, it’s true: men have things easier when it comes to a lot of important stuff. But it’s also true that, in other ways, women have things easier than men. Sure, men have more privilege at the end of the day, but we can’t pretend that women are always getting the crap end of the stick. This Ask Reddit thread reminds us of that.

Of course, all of these things can be situational. You might find that one of these doesn’t apply to your life, and that’s valid! But in general, these differences between men and women give women more of an advantage. Here are a few things in life that are easier for women than men:

Honing A Personal Sense Of Style

In some ways, it can seem like fashion is easier for men - they don't have as many options as women do, their sizes are often the same across the board while women's sizes vary from brand to brand, and they aren't expected to be quite as stylish as women are. But when it comes to loving fashion and honing a sense of style, it can be more difficult for men and easier for women. User 360Saturn says, "There's such a perception in the (for ordinary people) fashion industry that men just want generic clothes, so there is always a whole lot of dull T shirts, jeans, and hoodies in most clothes shops. Good luck finding something with an interesting cut or a style that's not one of the four colors the industry has chosen are 'in' this season. Or isn't something aimed at older people exclusively. And that's not even getting into smart or formalwear. It's harder to shop as a woman because everything is a variety of shapes and sizes (which varies between stores too! sigh), but it's easier to rock your own style because there is so much choice out there. It's easier to create a personal look from just a few stores as a woman, whereas a man might have to search and search for interesting clothes."

It's true! Think of most stores you go into - the sections for men are much smaller and don't contain as much variety. Sure, there are stores that only sell men's clothes, but there are more for women. If you're really interested in fashion, as a man, you have to search harder and spend more money - and spend a lot of time telling people you aren't gay, as if your sexual orientation and sense of style one in the same.

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Wearing and Buying Makeup

The beauty industry is largely seen as something that is just for women. This applies to makeup, obviously, but also hair care and skincare. It doesn't matter that there are guys out there who are interested in the beauty world and want to wear makeup - it's all marketed and made for women. Like user mellencamper says, "It might not seem like a big deal, but there are plenty of men out there, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, that love experimenting with makeup and would love the opportunity to also go out in public wearing makeup. I mean, props to the men who dgaf and do it anyways, but I find it annoying that makeup is such a big issue that's only open to the female-identifying population and drag queens, because this ALSO reinforces the stereotype that wearing too much makeup makes you high-maintenance (as a straight woman anyways) or self-conscious or some other bullshit."

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Being An Elementary School Teacher

This might not be something you're focused on right now, but it could be in the future! User LioraBrielle says, "Becoming an early education teacher is a lot easier for women than men." It is not considered weird, at all, for a woman to want to be an elementary school teacher - in fact, it's seen as normal. But for a dude, being a teacher for little kids can be a struggle.

In fact, being around kids in general can be harder for men. A lot of grown men say they experience strange looks if they're at a playground or with little kids (even their own). This is partly because enjoying being around kids is seen as feminine, but also because so many pedophiles are males.

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Talking About Emotions

Emotions are gendered, and that doesn't seem like it's going to change any time soon. While it's seen as perfectly normal for guys to show anger, even a lot of it, it still isn't thought of as masculine if they show sadness or anything else. As Reddit user whisperfactory points, out, "As a woman it's easier for me to have really open emotive conversations with my friends and get sympathy and support. A lot of guys I know tell me that in guy to guy friendships it can be tough to express deep emotions to one another bc of the pressure to be unfeelingly hard and 'masculine.' I have no problems with crying and snorting all over my buddies, and I'm sad that a lot of guys don't have this."

My boyfriend and I have talked about this before. Girls are allowed and even expected to talk about their sad and crappy emotions to their friends and basically anyone else. Discussing this stuff is an important part of healing and moving past things. Guys have trouble doing this, though, and that can make it a lot harder for them to go through tough situations.

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Okay, this one is a bit of a toss-up, but here goes. A lot of people, males and females, claim that the dating world is easier for women. One dude explains why: Futhis says, "Consider myself a normal person, interesting career/hobbies, write thoughtful messages on OKCupid. The last time I got a response - let alone a date - was a month ago. At this point someone's going to get angry and say 'yeah but women are verbally abused on dating sites so it evens out!!!' While I do think it must be horrible to experience that, I don't see how that equalizes our experiences. Furthermore, what really sucks is the things that often make men physically unattractive are unchangeable. I'm short and Indian, I have had way too many girls straight-up tell me to my face that one (or both) of these traits are immediate deal breakers. I've had Tinder dates (when I even rarely got them) walk away after 10 minutes because I'm 5'5" and they need to be taller than me in heels. Before I even try I am dead-in-the-water for most women I meet. So yeah, people hate hearing this but: by nearly any numerical metric you want to measure, hetero women have a shit ton of dating privilege compared to hetero men."

Okay, true point to an extent, and one I've heard before from a lot dudes who claim that girls have more dating options than guys do. This is probably because the societal norm is to have guys make the first move, not girls.

However, let's not forget all of the crappy things girls have to deal with in the dating world. And honestly, I would rather get no messages than messages that are actually sexual harassment. There's a lot to say here.

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Getting Help

User not_doing_that says, "Getting help. Whenever I have to lift or carry something a man comes up and offers to either carry it or take the heavy end. Literally does not matter what it is. Plates, books, flowers, or a body. I always get help." I do kind of think it's easier for women to get help for something than it is for men. This is partly because men are sometimes raised to offer to help a woman, and partly because a lot of men don't want to accept help from women. Is this a good thing? Not sure.

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Being A Babysitter

User Pikkutarkkaa says, "Getting a job as a nanny." As a girl, if you want a job as a babysitter or nanny, you don't have to do much but put it out there and wait for someone to recommend you to someone who needs help. As a young guy? I can't imagine it's easy. I don't know many parents who would want to leave their young kids at home with a teenage guy, unless they're related - and sometimes, even then they wouldn't want to. There ARE dudes who truly love kids and want to be a nanny, but again - it's tough for men to be around kids and not be seen as a pervert.

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Making Good Tips

A lot of waiters, bartenders, and service workers find that women make better tips than men. User IAteTheWholeBanana points out, "At the bar I work at, I will always make more money in tips then the male bartenders. We have some really great guys, super friendly, attentive, everything you want in a bartender. I make more every night. We pool tips at the end of the night, but still."

Of course, this isn't always true, but it definitely is common. This could be because some guys (not all of them) will tip a woman more just for being attractive. Many women (not all of them) will not do the same for a dude she finds attractive. On top of that, males in general are more likely to tip a woman more than a man/

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User ShesGotSauce said, "I would say crying. Most men I've dated have really struggled to cry even when they wanted the cathartic release." Just like showing emotions, men are not expected to cry to deal with their feelings. Women are. And crying is awesome! It's such a good way to release sadness and hurt and anger.

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Getting Free Stuff

This one is silly and superficial, but true in many instances: it can be easier for girls to get free stuff than dudes. User pettoyaki points out, "I think it's easier for me to get away with getting freebies here and there. Also, I think sometimes a woman's smile will get you much more geniality than a man."

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Which one of these things do you disagree with? What do you agree with? Let us know in the comments.

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