12 Of The Most Offensive Halloween Costumes Of 2016

You know, one might think that, at this point in the year of our lord 2016–a sentence construction that is overused, it must be mentioned, but still effective enough–that we, as a society, would have gotten over the need to wear Halloween costumes that are bad and racist. One might think that the instinct to wear costumes that capitalize upon the misfortune of the oppressed would have, at this point, been quelled, and one might think that feeling the urge to wear something on Halloween that relies on blackface might not have to involve actually wearing blackface.

One is likely to think all of this! And yet, as is the case with many things, the chasm between thoughts and reality is one that is not always easily bridged. Because of this, there were a whole lot of Halloween costumes this year that, even under the best of circumstances, can really only be qualifies as both bad and racist. So, check out the most offensive Halloween costumes that have already happened this year:

1. Sexy pilgrim and Native American:

Uh, yeah. You’ve probably seen Hilary Duff and her boyfriend Jason Walsh’s matching pilgrim and NAtive American costumes. It’s…not a good look. Duff has since apologized for the costume, but why did they think it was a good idea in the first place? (Sidenote: This has nothing to do with anything, but doesn’t it feel…wrong to spell “Hilary” without two L’s now? It does to me, anyway!)

2. Dakota Access Pipeline protesters:
You know that ongoing Dakota Access Pipeline protest? The one that’s pretty serious and shouldn’t be used as a joke? Welp.

3. Native American “Seductress:”
Yandy was selling a Native American “Seductress” costume for $76, which…seems just about right for Yandy, actually.

4. Bill Cosby:
Brock Denton, a sophomore at University of Central Arkansas, wore a Bill Cosby–the comedian who has been accused of sexual misdonduct of at least 58 women–costume. As he is white, he had to wear blackface to do so. Don’t do this.

5. “Zombie for Trump:”


6. Kim Kardashian robbery costume:

Remember that Kim Kardashian robbery costume from earlier this month? Well, that one was pulled from the site that was selling it, but, uh, someone went ahead and did a DIY version, I guess.

7. Bruce Jenner:

8. Caitlyn Jenner:


9. “Rape Victims:”
This content has been removed due to copyright infringement.

10. “Sexy Harambe”

Harambe Halloween #sexyharambe #happyhalloween #ripharambe #harambe #meme

A photo posted by Hannah Forbes (@hanforbesxx) on

Well. Someone actually wore the sexy Harambe costume. I feel nothing.

11. “Gorilla hero:”


12. Clown:

Probably a bad year for this costume.

What do you think of these costumes? Did I forget any expecially bad ones? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Golden Eyes

    Wait so its okay for gurl.com to say that Sugar Skulls is a “easy Halloween makeup costume” but shame other people for wearing Native American costumes? Both are cultural appropriation and the hypocrisy really hurts the sites woke message :/