14 Relationship Goals That Will Seriously Freak Out Your Crush

Halloween is coming up. With this in mind, I am sure that you are looking for some ways to freak the heck out of your loved ones–you know, like, decorating your house with cobwebs, putting a spring trap in your best friend’s locker so it jumps out at her first thing in the morning, and putting a life size cardboard cutout of a Justin Bieber in your mom’s room so she thinks she has a visitor when she gets home from work (and also remembers to buy you tickets to his next show).

But these are all amateur plots, of course. Trying to freak out your boyfriend? Girlfriend? Crush? In the spirit of Halloween, check out these relationship goals that will be sure to strike all kinds of fear into the heart of your significant other:

1. Subtly imply that you have been referring to them like this for years.




2. If they say they can’t hang out because they’re sick, just send them this.




3.  What comes after the hoodie? It’s best they don’t know.




4. Hand-paint these mugs. Make a new edition every day.




5. Put this on a t-shirt.rg5



6. Never actually ignore them, but send this to them if you’re thinking of becoming a little upset.




7. Send this text. Every day. 




8. Let them know exactly how you plan on having your birthday celebrated this year.


9. And just, like, your every day experience, actually.


10. Make this your mantra.


11. Give gently hints as to what your ultimate plan with them is:


12. Wake them every day with the sweetest and gentlest of kisses:

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13. Make them wear these gorgeous shoes.


14. And, finally, gift them with the famous “SOMA ULTE” T-shirt. Never let them go.

What do you think of these relationship goals? Are there any in particular that speak to you? Let us know in the comments!

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