7 Products You Can Use Down There If You Don’t Have Lube

Out of every sex “accessory” out there, lube is probably the most important one (aside from birth control, obviously). A vagina, ideally, will get itself naturally lubricated enough to make things comfortable, but every girl knows that sometimes it just doesn’t work that way. Sometimes, even if you’re really turned on, you don’t get super wet down there. Sometimes, we’re on medication that makes it harder to get wet (this can often happen with birth control pills). Other times, you’re really wet, and then suddenly, in the middle of things, you realize you… aren’t. And you don’t know why. These are all reasons lubricant is great to have. On top of that, even if you do get naturally lubricated with no issue, lube can still make things better.

Unfortunately, lube can be hard to come by as a young girl. Getting your hands on it means purchasing it, which can be difficult when you don’t have any money and/or you live at home. There are some things to consider: can you buy it without borrwing money? Will you be able to successfully hide it so that no one else finds it? And even if you have no problem owning lube, we’ve all run into the unfortunate situation of running out at the absolute worst times.

In this case, you start to wonder if there’s anything else you can use in its place. Good news: there is! And the natural alternatives to lube are probably already in your kitchen. So, the next time you need to use something down there and you don’t have lube, look at this list. Here are a few products you can use down there instead of lube:

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