10 TV Shows You Need To Watch If You Love Dramatic TV

I do love drama, but I hate being involved in the drama. I would describe myself as someone who loves avoiding my own drama, but when it really comes down to it, if there is any drama on the internet or even IRL, I am, as the cool kids would say, grabbing the popcorn and enjoying the show. But sometimes, my life isn’t as dramatic as I would want it to be. That’s okay, but I need to get my drama fix somehow, TBH. So, what do I do when there isn’t enough going on in my life? The answer is simple: TV shows.

There are so many types of TV shows out there, but drama has to be the best genre, right? Like, completely over-the-top drama that doesn’t exist IRL but is totally fine when it’s on your screen between beautiful actors and actresses. It’s so fun to watch because we don’t have to get involved! We just sit back, relax and watch our favorite TV characters be petty to one another. Honestly, it’s what I live for. If you’re looking for more drama in your life, check out some of the must-watch shows you need to see if you’re dramatic AF (like me!). Enjoy!

Which show are you going to watch if you totally love drama as much as I do? Tell us in the comments!

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