8 Of The Worst Types Of Friends That Will Make Your Life Total Hell

Hindsight is 20/20, meaning that everything makes a lot more sense to the point of almost being glaringly obvious when you look back on them than they do in the moment. This is true for plenty of things, but it’s especially true for friendships. Think about it, haven’t you ever been in a place where you looked back on a friendship that didn’t work out, and you can pinpoint all these little things–hints, clues–that gave away just how toxic or unpleasant that person was? But at the time, you had no idea; those quirks were just quirks, they didn’t mean anything, they weren’t deal breakers…until they kept piling up.

It’s so easy to feel foolish when that happens, but try not to dwell on that. Instead, think seriously about the people who are still in your life who are kind of, maybe, sort of, totally making your life hellish. Check out these eight awful types of friends that you probably have, and consider whether or not they’re someone who you really want to be around for much longer.

The Self-Centered Friend

She cares about her looks, her status, and how everyone else sees her looks and status. You feel small next to her, and she's...okay with that. Also, note that this doesn't always have to come from a place of vanity; a self-centered friend could also be the type of person who seems pretty down to earth, but always manages to make something about themselves. Or, they're someone who always comes to you for help with their problems, but when you have problems of your own, they can't be bothered to help you out.

The Condescending Friend

She's always making you feel small, and she probably doesn't even realize it. Honestly, this might come from a place of insecurity, in which case, you can try to not take her behavior so personally all the time. But hey, you're a human being with feelings, and when they're hurt, they're hurt. Definitely call them out on it, though. If they truly didn't know that they were being so rude, they'll try to clean their act up (if they're a good friend). If not...bye!

The Flaky Friend

She'll probably forget to go to your damn birthday, honestly. It doesn't matter that you go to everything she invites you to, she'll find some way to make up an excuse not to hang out whenever you decide to set the plans. Look, we can all be flaky every now and then, and some people grow out of it. But this one just seems to flake on EVERYTHING. If talking to them about it doesn't change anything, you're not a bad person for not even bothering to try to hang out with them as much anymore.

The Friend Who Can't Take A Hint

Also known as the entitled friend, or the friend who you nicely friendzoned (but they can’t face reality). At best, this friend will just be annoying to be around because every interaction with them will be tinged in an awkwardness that THEY perpetuate. At worst, they’ll become really OTT and start to resent you. Beware.

The Jealous Friend

It's natural to be jealous of our friends every now and then, but this jealousy will come out in some seriously nasty ways. They'll start to be mean to you instead of encouraging whenever something good happens to you, when they suspect you're giving another friend too much attention they'll go awall, and they might even start to make your entire friend dynamic stressful.

The One Upper

Nothing can happen to you, good or bad, without this friend trying to one up you. You got an A- on the geography exam? She has to let you know that she got an A+ in English. You had a bad day? She has to let you know how her's was worse.

The Morality Freak

She's jugemental AF and isn't afraid to let you know. This can result in anything from slut shaming to acting super holier than thou about just about everything. You always feel like you're a bad person around them, which isn't a good way to be.

The Bad Influence

Okay, not everyone that your mom warms you about is an automatic troublemaker. Sometimes, parents truly just don’t understand. But this one will pressure the crap out of you on anything from drugs to skipping class. It’s okay to bend the rules every now and then, but do it on your own terms, not because somebody treats you like a square if you don’t do everything at maximum debauchery.

Do any of these descriptors match your friends? What kind of bad friend are you more willing to deal with? Tell us in the comments!

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