7 Things You Shouldn’t Do After A Date

The dating world is tricky to navigate. There may be a lot of books written about the subject, but when you’re actually out there dating, it still feels like you’re navigating uncharted territory. I mean, how many of those books cover ghosting, creeps on Tinder, and benching in fine detail?

You’ve got to do what feels right in your own dating game, but there are some helpful tips out there that can make things a little easier. (Just think of all the helpful advice your friends have given you about bae problems.) There are some things you should avoid doing on a date and there are also things that you shouldn’t do before you even leave your house to see your crush. There are also things you should not do after that date is done and you’ve made it passed the awkward “Should we kiss, hug, or fist bump?” goodbye.

You can think that your fate about whether you get a second (or third, or fourth) date is decided at the end of your first, but what you do after you part ways could make or break things. To help you score a second date and to stop yourself from going crazy, check out the things that you should avoid doing after a date.

Replay It Over And Over In Your Mind

It's good to remember the positive moments of your date, but if you keep playing things over and over in your mind like you've got a Vine video of the date in there, stop. Obsessing about it isn't going to change anything that happened. You cannot go back in the past and change anything, so focus on what you can actually do in the present.

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Dissect It Apart

Everyone loves to chat about their date with their BFF, but going over every minuscule hand gesture or comment isn't going to do you any good. It really isn't going to help you figure out whether you're getting a second date or not. At the end of the day, it will all still be speculative. Plus, just think about how your friend is going to feel after the hours debating over it. I mean, she wasn't even there.

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Drop Tons Of Hints

Dropping one or two subtle hints about your next meetup is flirty, but, remember that no one likes a nag. There is a fine line between being playful and being annoying. If you cross it with your constant messaging about when you're going to get together next, your crush probably isn't going to want to see you.

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Get Stressed Out

I know it is easier said than done, but you need to relax. Dating is supposed to be fun, remember? It's tough to let go if you're feeling like there is potential, but think about it this way: It's either meant to be or it's not. If your crush wasn't feeling it, that leaves you more time to go out and find somebody who is.

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Spill The Details With Everybody

It's brilliant that you're excited about your date, but resist the urge to go around talking about it to everybody. First of all, it will probably drive your friends a bit crazy. Secondly, you never know who is connected with your crush. The gossip about your date could get back to him/her. That will leave your crush wondering whether you're the type of person he/she would want to get into a serious situation with if you're spilling the beans about your date.

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Become Too Forward

It's great to show that you're interested in this turning into something, but if you're a little too intense about things, it can send your crush running for the hills. A text saying what a great time you had and how you're looking forward to your next date it cool. Showing up at your crush's place unexpectedly or having multiple presents delivered to him/her is probably too much this early in the game.

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Apologize For Random Things

After all of the dissection comes the part where you start blaming yourself for things you did *wrong* on the date. You need to get them out of your head. You definitely don't need to be apologizing for them because 99.999% of the time, they aren't things that are wrong. If you broke your crush's hand or smashed his/her glasses, then you can send another apology text. However, if you want to send one for that joke you made that he/she didn't get, forget it.

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What dating mistakes have you made? Let us know in the comments!

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