28 Vines You Need To Watch Before The App Goes Away

Yesterday, it was announced that Vine–the six second mobile video-sharing app that, for better or for worse, is responsible for bringing about things like “yeet” and “fleek,” as well as the never-ending question of whether Young Metro trusts you or not–would be shutting down in the coming weeks.

I have, of course, been catatonic with grief ever since this news came out. I am not a creator of Vine content myself, but I do consume it voraciously, and Vine was, in my mind, one of the few remaining distractions for those with short attention spans that remained mostly delightful and pure at all times. It allowed for easy consumption of all aspects of popular culture without having to actually having to extend any effort towards it–I have not watched any sport that did not come in the form of a six-second Vine over the past two years, and that is a fact. All things pass, I guess, but it is a true shame to see Vine go. One bright side of the shutdown, however, is that it has reinvigorated a wave of appreciation for the app and all of its content. All I have seen on Twitter over the past twenty-four hours (literally! Not figuratively!) are Vine threads, and guys? These Vines are good, and an indicator that the app is being cut off before it’s time.

So let’s pay homage–I didn’t make everyone at a party sit down and be quiet so that I could play my favorite vines on good speakers as a special gift to everyone there that one time for nothing, after all. Here are are but a few of the very best vines that you really need to watch before the app shuts down for good:

1. What will political commentary even be now?


2. Nothing, that’s what.


3. *sigh*

4. It’s so important.


5. A cultural touchstone for us all.


6. What is internet content without Vine, even?


7. It’s revolutionary, really, for the most important dog content on the web.


8. And the reminder that your best self is only a hair flip and retainer away.


9. How is this only six seconds long?


10. This one feels like an eternity.


11. If you don’t watch this Vine at least once a day, I just don’t know what to tell you.


12. And this one, with a slightly different tone, but vital all the same.


13. Who can’t relate?


14. Wake up…flawless:


15. Here’s a gorgeous tribute to the lost art of letter writing.


16. Important, indeed.


17. Equally important.


18. I’m sorry, I just choke every time I watch this.


19. Perhaps I am immature?


20. I, too, love Halloween.


21. When all of your friends are hanging out without you!!!


22. When a goat eats your pants!!


23. Never forget that Jeb Bush lives for technology.


24. This is more important than every season of The Office.


25. Not to be too vulnerable here, but this meme singlehandedly got me through 2015!


26. Who can’t relate?


27. This one, too.


28. We’ll all get through it, of course. More content will come. I just miss this particular kind of content greatly. Rest in peace, sweet Vine.

Are you going to miss Vine? Did I forget any amazing ones? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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