7 Things Your Significant Other Does That You Can’t Get Mad About

No matter how much love you have for your significant other, there are definitely moments when you get really, really mad at them. Maybe they just ate the last slice of pizza when they knew you were saving it for yourself, or maybe – God forbid – they’re an actual Trump supporter. In the moment, small disagreements or full-blown fights over something small might feel normal, but do you ever get the feeling that sometimes you’re maybe being just a little bit dramatic? Sure, fighting is completely normal in a relationship, but there are some things your significant other does that you can’t get mad about. Sometimes, you need to take a step back and reassess your rage.

There are enough things that can go wrong in a relationship – letting small things manifest into larger than life arguments isn’t worth it! But how do you know if something is legitimately concerning or if you’re being overly petty and sensitive? It’s a case by case situation a lot of the time, but there are a few things we can usually say you shouldn’t be angry about. Sure, sometimes it depends, but for the most part, don’t start a fight over this stuff. Trust us!

Thinking Someone Else Is Attractive

Attraction is part of human nature. The world is a big place and you aren't the only attractive person in it - you can't expect bae to think you are the only cute person in the world. It's not worth getting mad at your person for thinkig someone else is attractive. It doens't mean they're going to cheat on you, it doesn't mean you aren't good enough. It's normal for it to make you feel insecure, maybe, but that's something you alone need to work on, not something to blame your person for. It's not worth your time and energy to fight about something like this. If they actually start to flirt with that person? Rage away. But just finding them cute? Don't sweat it.

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Having An Opinion That's Different Than Yours

You can't control the way your partner thinks. You guys can disagree and still date! If they hate horror movies, crowds, and that one band you like, that's fine. Let them have their opinion. You don't even need to like the same people. Sure, you should have some things in common and a crowd of friends you like to hang out with, but slight differences? Totally normal. It'd be weird if you agreed about literally everything. Who wants to date a carbon copy of themselves? Even when you disagree about larger things, it's okay to not resolve it all the way. Unless their opinion directly hurts you or your loved ones, or negatively effects your life, then sure - get mad - but the rest of it? Let it go.

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Not Texting You All The Time

Slow your roll, dudes. If they don't text you constant updates from their day and a good morning/good night text like it's clockwork... that's totally fine. Do you need that much attention? Or constant drain on your phone battery, if we're being real? So what if they don't text you back immediately after you text them? People put their phones down sometimes. Phones run out of battery. You can be in a spot with awful service. Movies happen. Give your person 15 minutes. Heck, give them two hours. If they go a full day without texting you back or if it's a time sensitive matter? Okay, that's shady. That's fair game. But, I think we all need to relax with how needy we can get about texting behaviors.

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Not Wanting To Hook Up Right Now

Just because you're in a relationship with them does not mean that you get their automatic explicit consent every single time you want to hook up. Sure, it might make it more likely or even exclusive to you, but not everybody wants to hook up at the same time that you do. You still have to get their consent every time and there can be a ton of reasons why they don't want to hook up: maybe they're sad, tired, or just not in the mood. Whatever the reason, it's not personal, and you should just give them space. Yes, it's frustrating when you're horny and your partner rejects you. So? It's not on your partner to fulfill your every desire around the clock. People need off hours. Go consult a toy, your hand, or take a nap. If you think it's aggrivating when people act entitled to your body and enthusiastic consent, it's equally not nice to demand that of other people, even when you're dating them.

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Hanging Out With Their Friends Without You

Bae has other important people in their life who need attention, quality time, and love, too. Let your person go hang out with their friends! This is still true even if you don't like their friends. You have no control over how annoying, rude, or boring you think bae's friends are. Who cares? They make your person happy and that's what counts. If you think that they're bad for the person you're dating or that they always act different/worse around their friends, that's different, but having friend-time without you instead of just-you time is normal, healthy, and to be honest, you should be encouraging it. Of course, it'd be rad if you hung out with their friends too and you all got along, but it's important to grab some space and socialize without your significant other from time to time.

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Being More Successful Than You

When good things happen to bae - celebrate it. Don't come down with your negativity because an equal amount of goodness has yet to happen to you. If they got good grades, got into a better college, made a team or the play and you didn't? Tell them you're proud of them and be their support system. You can't get mad at the person you're dating for something positive that happened in their life. If you can't handle someone else's happiness without you thinking that it automatically detracts from your own, you might not be ready to be in a relationship. So what if they're moderately more successful than you in something that you aspire to as well. Do they like you? Do you like them? Do you make each other happy? Cool. Now, stop picking petty fights about something that should be cause for celebration.

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Being Mad At You In The First Place

So weird, right?! Yup, I mean it: you are not allowed to get mad at bae for beign mad at you in the first place. The fact that someone is mad at you for any reason is not a reason to get mad at them. Not all arguements have to be equally hurt or fed up all the time. Yeah, it might feel weird to have someone mad at you, but you don't need to pick an arbitrary reason to get mad at them for equal measure because that's not how relationships or good fights work. If the fact that they're mad at you is infuriating enough in itself, stop. Take a step back and breathe. You are not being productive, helping yourself, or your partner. Now, listen to them. If you think they're mad at you for a silly reason or they're being controlling, that's different, but getting mad at them just because they're mad at you is even sillier.

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What’s the weirdest reason anyone has ever gotten mad at you for? Do you get mad at bae easily? Do you fight about silly stuff? Let us know in the comments!

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