13 Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Put Together In A Snap

If you’re reading this right now, chances are you’ve suddenly realized that Halloween is less than a week away, you haven’t committed to a Halloween costume yet, and you’re screwed. Congrats, you’re in good company with plenty of other people who haven’t been painstakingly planning their costume since August. You might feel like a loser, but you’re definitely not alone.

Before you desperately hit up that costume supply pop up in your town–the line is going to be out the door over the next few days, trust me–for an overpriced costume you’ll never wear again, why not just buck up and dig through your closet for some inspiration? And by your closet, I mean your mom, dad, brother, sister, or roommate’s closet too (with their permission, of course…I’m not going to be responsible when your roomie finds out you snatched her cami dress without asking first). You’ll actually be surprised with how easily you can throw something together with just a couple of clothing items, a little makeup, and some creativity. Check out these 13 last minute Halloween costumes you can create in a pinch. From a ’90s teen to a spooky witch, you’ll find plenty of costume ideas that will jive with you. And believe me, nobody will ever notice that you didn’t already have your look planned from the jump.

Holly Golightly From 'Breakfast At Tiffanys'

This Holly Golightly look is classic and instantly recognizable (whether you've seen Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast At Tiffanys or not). But better yet, it's so effing easy to throw together. For the most basic iteration, you just need a sleeveless black dress, a fake pearl necklace, a simple updo, and a touch of black eyeliner. If you want to go a little more all out, cop a pair of long black gloves, a mini tiara, and a long cigarette holder.


An '80s Chick

Rummage through your mom's closet and see if she has any blazers from back in the day; the bigger the shoulder pads, the better. From there you can be a whole host of '80s archetypes. Throw on some sensible pants, a blouse, lipstick, heels, and an updo: you're an '80s business woman. Throw on a side ponytail and something neon: you're a retro teeny bopper. Throw on all black and curl your hair to death: well, you can be Madonna TBH. The choice is yours!


Black Cat

Step one: Wear black. Step two: cop a cheap pair of cat ears or make some yourself by glueing cardboard ears onto a headband. Step three: Find a cat makeup tutorial you like and go with it. You don't even need a tail, dude, you'll be solid as is.



This is one of the easiest costumes to throw together, especially if you own a good amount of black clothing. Grab a pair of black pants, a black turtleneck, black shoes, and--if you have it--a black beret. That's all you need to be an instant Beatnik from the '50s. For bonus points, carry around a copy of some book by a Beat Generation author, like Howl by Allen Ginsburg or On The Road by Jack Kerouac; your school library should have if it you or a friend doesn't own a copy.


Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams is actually a really easy character to dress up as, especially if you already have a black dress with a contrasting white collar. If you just have a black dress, consider wearing a white collared top underneath as long as it isn't too bulky. If your hair is long enough, tie it into two braids. Pair with black shoes and you're set.


'90s Trend Setter

There are so many ways to dress up as a '90s chick, but if you want to move beyond jeans and flannel, this is the look to go for. Rock a cami dress with shirt underneath and go from there. Do you have a choker? Throw that on. Platform shoes? Definitely wear those. If you have some cheap novelty sunglasses--colored lenses, thick frames--then rock those too!



If you're actually a fan of goth music or the subculture, dress up as a goth icon like singer Siouxsie Sioux. But if you just want to go with the aesthetic, go through all of your black clothing in your wardrobe and throw it together. If you have black boots or chunky black shoes, they'll be a great touch. For your makeup, definitely go for a strong lip--red, black, plum--and go heavy on the black eyeliner and eyeshadow. If you can find a way to incorporate fishnets or leather into your look, definitely get creative and make it work!


The Senior Girls From 'Dazed And Confused'

If you love the movie Dazed And Confused, why not rock the senior girls' hazing costume? Wear a white t-shirt or sweatshirt and write or spraypaint the word "SENIORS" in big, blue block letters. Next, throw on some shorts, tube socks, and sneakers. That's literally it. If you have some ketchup and mustard, you're even more set. This look is fun as is, but it's even better if your friends wear it too.


Classic Nerd

If you already have glasses, this outfit is even easier for you. Throw on a button down shirt and pair with pants or shorts. Next, rummage through a parent or sibling's closet for a bowtie or suspenders if you don't have them already. If your blouse has a chest pocket, stick a ton of pens and pencils in it. Oh, and if you have a calculator, definitely bring that with you!


Regina George

This is so easy to throw together if you have an old tank top that you don't mind ruining. Just cut two holes in the chest and pair with a mini skirt. A cardigan is a nice touch, but not necessary; almost everyone and their mom has seen Mean Girls, so you won't need to explain your look to anyone!


A 2000s Prep

Do you or someone you know have an old velour sweat suit buried deep in a closet? It's time to bring it out, along with your hair straightener and a pair of UGGs if you have 'em. Add a bit of ultra shiny lip gloss and voila, a '00s prep.



Have some old clothes you don't plan on wearing anymore? Throw paint all over theme--and a bit on yourself, too--and you've created a cheap and easy painter costume.



Whether you want to be a super sweet doll or a creepy one, all you need is a little makeup to make that decision for you. As far as your clothes go, just find any cute, girly dress you have as long as it isn't ultra fitted. The roomier around the waist, the better; think babydoll dress. If this dress has a big Peter Pan collar, you're definitely in luck. For extra emphasis, tie your hair into pig tails.


Still don’t know what to wear for Halloween? What last minute Halloween costume are you thinking about rocking? Tell us in the comments!

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