8 Ways To Convince Your Parents That You’re Actually Mature

Maturity is a natural process that we’re all exploring at different speeds, but one thing is certain: When you’re a teenager living under your parents’ roof, maturity is often times the key to freedom. And by freedom, I mean the ability to abide by rules that are a little more lax.

See, when you act more mature, the trust your parents have in your ability to be, you know, a normal human being who can take care of themselves goes up (unless you have an overprotective helicopter parent, in which case, sorry…have fun in college). I mean, how do you expect your parents to trust you to have to car out late if you couldn’t even keep to curfew last time? Why should your parents splurge on that dress you’ve been dying for when you can’t even do your laundry? Why should they let you go to that concert on a school night when you can’t even bother to return their calls? I’m not saying that your parents are fair to measure your maturity levels this way, but we all know that parents will come up with any excuse to prevent us from doing what we want sometimes, and if that means digging up your immature behavior, they’ll do it.

But it becomes a lot harder to deny you these little things when you’re on your A game, when you can prove that you’re focused enough in school to spend a school night at a gig, or that you’re mature enough to go to that party next Saturday night since you remembered to get gas the last time you used the car. Sometimes, you have to fake it til you make it when it comes to these things, but in the process you could actually start becoming a little more mature without an ulterior motive attached. Win win, right? Anyway, if you want to prove to your parents that you’re ready to do big girl things without them freaking out, check out these eight things you can do to convince your parents that you’re actually mature. It’s time to show your parents that growing up is more than just your latest growth spurt.

Start Picking Up After Yourself

Your parents or guardians aren't going to pick up after you forever, so start getting your you know what together sooner rather than later. Do your laundry, wash out your dinner plate, don't leave the bathroom looking like a mess. These little things will alert your parents that you're becoming more responsible, which can only lead to them trusting you more.


Try To Tolerate The Little Things That Drive You Crazy

Parents drive us crazy, this is just a fact and it doesn't change when you've aged beyond your teen years (trust me). But if you have a tendency to have a little attitude or you're grouchy whenever your parents do the littlest thing...try to keep your cool. You appearing more tolerant of them can have a positive impact on how generous they might feel at any given time. I mean, in their defense, why should they trust you to be mature enough to go on a date with your new bae past curfew when they can't even ask you how your day was without you turning into a drama queen?


Don't Depend On Your Parents To Wake You Up

Dude...you're not in elementary school anymore. You have a phone right? Use the alarm feature. Hell, set 10 alarms if that helps. Maybe even place your phone on the other side of the room so you'll be forced to get out of bed to turn it off. Whatever it takes to show that you're able to get up and get ready for school without their assistance.

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Follow Your Curfew Like A Hawk

Just to stay on the safe side, if you're hoping that your parents will give you a little more freedom, you're better off not testing their boundaries. For example, you can't expect to stay out later when you can't even adhere to the curfew you already have. Keep to your curfew as closely as possible for a while before breaching the topic of potentially extending it.


Actually Take The Time To Talk To Them About Your Day, Feelings, Etc

When you're a little kid, there isn't much for you and your parents to really talk about. But when you're a teen and older, you're mature enough to actually have intelligent conversations with them. Taking advantage of this isn't just enlightening, it's also a good way to show that you're interested in maintaining a relationship with them. Of course, you won't always feel like telling your parents how your day went, or what you think of such and such thing in the news, but staying engaged will help them realize that you're not a little kid anymore; you're your own person.

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Keep Your Grades Up Or Improve In A Class You're Struggling In

Of course, you should get your grades on point for your own satisfaction, not just your parents'. But let's be real: Unless your parents are total hardasses about academics, an improvement in grades or a streak of solid A's can elicit a lot of excitement from your parents. Keep it up and you might get anything from a present to more freedom to go out when you want. Of course, don't hit your parents up for special favors after you get that first A; have some chill and your patience can pan out.

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Offer To Cook For Dinner Or Prepare Your Own Lunch

This might not be groundbreaking, but it's definitely a nice gesture to offer to cook dinner one night a week, or whip up something for brunch over the weekend. This might not let you take the car, but it'll definitely plant the seeds of maturity into your parents heads. If cooking dinner isn't realistic for your schedule, why not just make sure to pack your own lunch more often if your parent is usually the one who does it. By the way, cooking is a fun and useful skill that everyone should have; mommy and daddy won't be around all the time, it's time to grow up.


Own Up To Your Mistakes

One of the most valuable things about growing up is the ability--and necessity--of actually owning up to your mistakes instead of making BS excuses for them. So whenever your parents corner you about something--a bad grade, a scratch on the car, etc--you'll always look better when you own up to your screw ups, state what you need to improve on, and keep it moving. Keep this up enough, and your parents will hopefully see you as someone who is willing to own up to their responsibilities.

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