11 Halloween Costumes You Can Put Together With Just A Sign

Typically, Halloween does not favor the lazy. The odds are stacked in favor of those who spend weeks–months, even–preparing the perfectly put together, navel-grazing, pop culture-adjacent costume that’s formulated to perform well on any social media site it ends up on. Even costumes that are purported as being low maintenance–you know, ones that rely on makeup or masks–take some sort of work. If you’re a standard-issue procrastinator (or just too busy to plan a costume)

But being lazy doesn’t always mean that you have to sacrifice your costume on Halloween. In fact, a lack of preparation can sometimes actually be in your benefit–there are a ton of cool costumes that only require a piece of paper and a marker, AKA a sign. So, check out these totally easy, clever costumes that you can put together with just a sign:

Damian From Mean Girls

If someone ever tells you that a perfect last-minute costume doesn't exist, just show them this picture. It's so easy! All you need is a sweatshirt, sunglasses, and the sign.

Image source:Pinterest

Freudian Slip

Take advantage of the slip dress trend that's so big right now and go as a Freudian Slip--all you need to do is stick some vaguely sexual psychoanalytic terms all over your dress, and you'll have the cleverest costume at the party.

Image source:Popsugar

Suggestive Road Signs

If you're looking for something that's a little more, uh, overtly sexual, you can look into these road signs. Just don't wear it to the school Halloween costume contest.

Image source:Pinterest

Whip And Nae Nae

This is corny! But it's corny in a good way, I think, and it mainly relies on signs, so it's a great one to do with your BFF or bae if you're still looking for a costume.

Image source:Pinterest

Life & Lemons

You know this phrase--when life gives you lemons. Everyone else will know it too, so it's a great thing to put together at the last second.

Image source:Pinterest

Pedestrian Crossing Sign

This one requires a little more work--but if you've got a large piece of neon green posterboard and all-black clothes, this might be the perfect costume for you.

Image source:Costume Works

God's Gift To Men

Self-explanatory, really. You can cover yourself in wrapping paper if you want to really sell this costume, but you can just put the sign over normal clothes, too. After all, the greatest gift of all doesn't *really* need to be wrapped, does it?

Image source:Pinterest

Blessing In Disguise

Heh. If you like puns, this should be certain to get a few dry chuckles out of your peers--just wear some sort of mask, all black, and a sign that says "bless you."

Image source:Thinking Closet

Celiing Fan

Another punny option? A ceiling fan. Just profess your love for ceilings on your T-shirt and carry around a couple of pom-poms for good measure. Scream extra loud the entire night whenever you encounter a ceiling so everyone knows you're a real fan.

Image source:Instructables


You can go the creative route and craft a book out of cardboard--or, you can go the Jim Halpert route and just write "book" on your face. Either way, people will get it immediately.

Image source:Build My Art


Or, go as another social media site. All you need to do for Twitter is wear whatever bird-themed item of clothing you've got in your closet and top it off with a sign that says exactly what you are. (In 160 characters or less. And don't forget the hashtag.)

Image source:My Little Obsession Blog

What do you think of these costumes? Are there any that you’re going to do? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

12 Easy Halloween Costumes That Only Need A Mask

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