10 Tips On How To Have A Vaginal Orgasm

Orgasms. They are like new iPhones. Everybody wants them, but you’re not always going to get one. You’ve probably discovered a few pointers to help you achieve a clitoral orgasm, but you may still be missing out on the elusive vaginal orgasm.

If we’re continuing with the analogies, vaginal orgasms are basically like the Loch Ness Monster. They can be a bit of a mystery thanks to the G-spot and all of that talk about whether they’re actually real or whether they’re just made up sexual nonsense.

Vaginal orgasms do exist, but not everyone is able to have one. If you can’t, there’s nothing wrong with you. The fact is that some people are able to have them while others aren’t. It’s just the way things go. However, you won’t know for sure whether you can have ’em or not unless you try. And I assume you’re not going to complain about ~*trying*~ now, are you? If you’re looking to try and have a vaginal orgasm, study up on these tips that will hopefully help you achieve one.

Get Familiar With Yourself

The first step doesn't even involve bae. Do your own *research* and try to find your G-spot when you're on your own during a masturbation session. When you find it, you can use the knowledge when you're with your SO.

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Use A Pillow

No, not like that. Using a pillow under your hips during sexy time can help angle them in the right position so you get a deeper sensation, according to Prevention. Remember, a deeper position equals a greater chance of a big orgasm.

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Do It Doggy Style

Dr. Emily Morse, a sex expert, told Cosmopolitan that this is the key position for G-spot pleasure. Go on all fours and arch your back so your stomach goes towards the floor. Then have bae lift your hips upward.

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Lube It Up

Deeper positions are likelier to cause vaginal orgasms so make sure that you have plenty of lube on hand. If it isn't comfortable for you, you're not going to be experiencing anything pleasurable, and that includes orgasms.

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Try A Combination Orgasm

Yup, it's a thing. It's rare to just get an orgasm through thrusting alone so combine it with some clit stimulation. You can use your toys, your hands, your partner's hands, or a combination of all three. Add in some thrusting and you could get a double whammy O.

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Be In Control

Doggy style is a great way to get deeper penetration, but you know your body best so try being in control of things. After you find your G-spot on your own, select a position with bae where you control things such as being on top. That way you can help angle things so your partner will hit your G-spot just right.

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Add Some Toys

Toys can work in two ways: 1. They can help you achieve a mixed orgasm if you're focusing on clit stimulation while you're getting it on. 2. They can enhance the thrusting. For the second option, have your partner slip on a cock ring. Don't forget about dildos.

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Stop Stressing About It

It might seem a bit counter intuitive, but if you're so focused on achieving an orgasm, you might actually hurt your chances of having one. Instead of being super focused on that vag orgasm, just enjoy what you're doing in the moment. Who knows what will happen then...

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Kegels Can Help

You know all of that talk about Kegels? Well, it turns out that they may have a point. Prevention states that if you work on your Kegels, it helps to strengthen your muscles down there which can help with your orgasm. Plus, the exercises will put you more in tune with your body which is essential for achieving an orgasm.

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Keep Switching Positions

If your dude finishes too soon, you're not going to experience anything new. Women's Health Mag suggests trying to make sex last for at least 15 minutes by switching things up in the hopes that you can get your big O.

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Have you had a vaginal orgasm before? Let us know in the comments!

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