11 Beauty Trends That Are Actually Really Gross

Like everyone else on the internet, every few weeks or so I find myself being presented with some new, Instagram-friendly beauty trend that is meant to be seen as the next big thing. This can range from rainbow freckles (sure!) to rainbow bangs (hmm) to “color melting” (pass)

The latest thing? It is, as I am sure you have already noticed, succulent nails. You know, like, literal, living succulent plants affixed to a false nail.

I will pass on this particular trend, actually. While I am all for succulent plants and creative means of personal expression–and these two things combined, even–it’s just that, logistically, this trend does not seem to be either convenient or clean, when you consider all of the crevices. So, in addition to succulent nails, check out these other beauty trends that, despite having been purported as the “next big thing” at one time or another, are (in my own personal opinion!) actually moderately-to-severely disgusting:

1. Succulent nails:

Extra post included for emphasis. Does this not make you…itchy?

2. 100 layers of nails:

What 100 coats of nail polish looks like ? #nowaygirl

A video posted by NoWayGirl (@nwgphotos) on

When beauty challenges go too far.

3. 100 layers of eyebrows:


4. 100 layers of lipstick:

Kylie Jenner didn’t die so you could disrespect your lips like this.

5. Pom-pom nails:

매력있는데 .. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ #3dnails #pompom #trendnails ????#폼폼네일

A photo posted by 유니스텔라 네일_박은경 (@nail_unistella) on

Think of all the…things that might get stuck up in there.

6. Kylie Jenner lip challenge:

Speaking of Kylie Jenner…people are still doing this, I guess? But, uh, don’t. It’s very bad for you.

7. Furry nails:

Equal parts freaky and fascinating #furrynails What do you think? source || @BuzzFeed

A photo posted by @youcamapps on

I tried this! It did not go well.

8. Literally whatever this is:

#lisasnagelstudio #softnails #furrynails #happyclient #hairynails #nailart

A photo posted by Lisa’s Nailart (@lisas_nagelstudio) on

Has science gone too far?

9. Leg contouring:

Inspired by the Anatomy of the Human body book of my son???. Press ????? Using key products: @esteelauder bronzer @anastasiabeverlyhills cream kit @morphebrushes & @opvlashes brushes @maccosmetics fix + prep&prime #makeup #amazing #lipstick #beauty #contour #opvlashes #abhilluminator #promakeup #sexylegs #instamakeup #makeupMeri #Hudabeauty #makeupjunkie #Legs #beauty #happy #instagood #love #sexy #hot @maquiagemx @hudabeauty @hairmakeupdiary @makeupfanatic1 @styles.video @melformakeup @allmodernmakeup @liveglam.co @howto.makeup @dressyourface @blendwithtrend @universodamaquiagem_oficial @glamvids @videosfashions @brian_champagne @wakeupandmakeup @girlzart @makeupvideosonly @makeupcoach @maquillaje.paramujeres @laurag_143 @omghairmakeup @makeuptutorialsx0x @fashionarttut @fashionclimaxx2 @813fashion @hair.makeup.allure @makeup @makeupvideoss @makeup.val @styleartists @fashion_daily_uae @makeup_clips @1minutemakeup @mazarin_design @tutoriaisinspirations @tutoriaisinspirations @videosbeauty @diytop @womensbestbeauty @worthyofwomen.videos @body.artistry @mystical.makeovers @abs_at_home @home.abs @atualidadefeminina @thestylechick @fashion_lalo @itutorialguide @glamour_guide_ @lovetutorialsx @idiyguide @videosbeauty @makegirlz @ideiasparameninas @tutorialguides_ @diyvideosx @dailymakeup @alyakattan @monakattan

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Think of the melting!

10. Glitterbeards:

A good way to get glitter in your lungs, tbh.

11. Bubble nails:

What do you think of these beauty trends? Are they a yay or a nay for you? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Beth

    half of these don’t count as trends. they’re editorial at best and silly experiments that are just for fun at worst. don’t take any of it too seriously.

    also, you probably could have lumped the 100 layers of things together as one