14 Gory Versions Of Innocent Halloween Costumes

Remember that scene from Mean Girls where Cady actually threw together a creepy looking Halloween costume, only to be treated like she was crazy for even considering wearing something scary for Halloween? #JusticeForCadysCostume! Hey, you should wear whatever you want for Halloween as long as you have fun with it; you can be a ’60s mod rocking a shift dress and go-go boots, you can be a bat, you can go as a storm cloud, you can go as an alien, or whoever the hell you can dress up as as long as you can still wear your glasses…you can even dress up as sexy Harambe if you want everyone to hate you. But there’s something cool about going as something classically spooky for Halloween.

There seems to have been a growing trend for girls, women, and femmes to actually rock spookier looks. The popularity of widespread makeup tutorials probably helps; figuring out how to turn your face into a skeleton or a zombie has never been easier or more accessible. So if you’re considering a scary costume,  consider going a little more subversive and take the creepy route with something seemingly innocent. Why be a cutesy Minion like a zillion other people when you can be a Minion covered in blood? Why be a cheerleader when you can be a zombie cheerleader who just emerged from the grave? If you want to go for a Halloween look that is full of surprises, check out these 14 gory versions of innocent Halloween costumes. You might make a little kid cry, but it’ll be worth it.

Creepy Dolls

Dolls are the epitome of innocence, femininity, and childhood. Why not ruin it with a ton of blood and creepy eye makeup? It's even creepier when you go with some friends.


Dead Minion

I can't stand Minions, and yet, this costume is giving me so much life. Plus, if you want to go gory without covering yourself in fake blood and makeup, this is an ideal route: Rock a fake puncture wound and some dribbling blood with some white contacts; bam, you can wear the rest of your costume normally and still look spooky AF.


Bloody Prom Queen

Whether you want to be Carrie or an anonymous bloody prom queen, this is one of the easiest and creepiest costumes to throw together. Cop a dress from a thrift store and douse it in fake blood. Make sure to give your hair and face the same treatment. Don't forget a tiara, sash, and corsage! Oh, and bonus points for creepy zombie contact lenses!


Bloody Nurse

Why be a sexy nurse when you can be a nurse of the living dead? Find a cheap nurse costume from a costume supplier and go to town covering it with fake blood. Do the same with your face and hair for good measure.


Bloody Pinup Girl

Vintage pinup girl costumes look awesome--big curls, classic makeup, and cool AF outfits. But let's be real, it's so much cooler with a dead element. With some creepy contacts and fake blood, you can turn this gorgeous look into something--er--gorgeously...gross?


Creepy Ronald McDonald

I mean, let's be real: Clowns don't have a good rep right now. But why not capitalize on that unpopularity by dressing up as a creepy version of the only clown that people kind of sort of didn't mind: Ronald McDonald. I love that this costume has all the traditional creepy elements like fake blood, torn clothing, and sunken in eyes, but the dismembered body parts and food is an amazing touch.


Dead Barbie

Barbie has been around for a while, and it's such a cultural icon that you can really dress up as any incarnation of Barbie that you want. So why not mix it up a little with a spooky barbie look? Rock a traditionally feminine Barbie-esque dress and throw on some fake blood and fake bruises.


Creepy Masquerade Costume

This is one of the most unique creepy costumes I've seen. So many masquerade costumes just include an awesome dress and killer makeup, but throwing on a ton of fake blood around the eye area and making a fake skin mask is just so creative.


Creepy Porcelain Doll

This costume proves that you can be creepy without being covered in blood. With some creepy AF contact lenses and a few touches, this eerie porcelain doll look is enough to make anyone shudder. Make sure to try out contacts like this before you commit though; you might be irritated to them, and you don't want to deal with that at a Halloween party.


Zombie Cheerleader

GIMME A D. GIMME AN E. GIMME AN A. GIMME A D. WHAT DOES THAT SPELL? Oh, you know, just the foundation of your ultimate dead cheerleader outfit. Dirty up an old cheerleading costume from your closet, the thrift store, or your favorite costume supplier, mess up your hair, and make your makeup as ghoulish as you can.


Dead Hermione Granger

Considering the fact that the Harry Potter kids probably should have died, like, five times over, it's sad that there aren't more zombie HP character costumes. But if you want to give props your favorite characters from the series with a twist, definitely consider going the zombie route. Check out this zombie Hermione Granger. All it took was a typical Hogwarts student costume with some fake blood bits. Consider throwing on some fake blood, dust, and tears into your uniform to make the look even more convincing.


Dead Disney Princess

At this point, dead/zombified/bloodied up Disney princesses aren't exactly new. And yet, they still manage to slay from year to year. For example, this zombie Princess Jasmine costume by YouTuber Sonjdradeluxe mixes the elements of Jasmine's look that are gorgeous, with some spooky bits and bobs. Check out the tutorial at the link below!


Zombie Princess Peach

This. Look. Is. Disgusting...and that's why it's so awesome. You don't even have to be a fan of Mario and co to know about pristine and sweet Princess Peach, so this dark turn is a breath of fresh air. Check out the entire tutorial at the link below!

YouTube/Jordan Hanz

Zombie Cat

There are so many scary makeup tutorials involving blood and bruises, but not as many with creepy looking scratches. That's the highlight of this zombie cat costume (along with the white contact lens). You can rock some all black everything, like a tight black turtleneck or bodysuit and some cat ears, throw on some catlike makeup, and add some creepy touches to get your look across.


What other gory versions of innocent costumes have made an impression on you? Do you think that these kinds of costumes are cool or corny? Tell us in the comments!

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