The 20 Most Amazing Galaxy Makeup Looks You’ll Ever See

Just like anything else in the beauty world, Halloween makeup trends come and go. This year, the most popular Halloween beauty looks seem to be deer, unicorns, Snapchat filters, skeletons, and galaxy makeup. I love all of these options – they are all unique and gorgeous in their own way! – but my favorite has to be the galaxy makeup. I can’t talk about the embarrassing amount of time I’ve spent lusting after these magical looks on Instagram and Pinterest. The colors, the blending, the sparkles, the little stars… the sheer amount of creativity there is amazing! If I could do galaxy makeup half as well as these ladies, I would for sure do it for October 31. I’m okay with makeup, but I’m not that good.

Whether you can do these yourself at home like a pro, or you’re just looking for pure enjoyment, these galaxy makeup looks are a must-see. These looks are so impressive that, honestly, no costume is required to make you the best dressed of any group. I don’t want to make a weird jokey pun that, like, everyone else on the Internet has already made, but I can’t help myself: these are out of this world! Okay, I’m sorry, I had to get it out of my system. Anyway, check out these incredible galaxy makeup looks for some serious inspiration:

1. This galaxy strip look.


Okay, not to brag, but our editorial intern Nina looks amazing with her galaxy strip makeup. It’s not THAT complex, and it’s a great Halloween look, so check out the link below to watch the tutorial video!



2. These dainty, delicate constellations.


I love this look so much it’s insane. It’s not over-the-top, but it’s so pretty.

Source: Instagram/danicecilio


3. This very intense purple look.


If you want to do something very elaborate, do this. Or try to do it. It’s amazing!



4. Try adding some jewels for a 3D effect.


I love how this girl used gemstones instead of painted on stars. It’s so pretty!

Source: Instagram/Shanimacmua


5. Get spooky with a half skull.


Who knew that half skull/half galaxy could look so good? I love how the galaxy goes down her neck.

Source: Instagram/kimberly.anh


6. Make your galaxy melt.


This melting effect is very cool, and it saves you from having to be too precise.

Source: Instagram/elizabethpinedamakeup


7. Add a moon.


Hey, the moon belongs in the galaxy! This is a unique way to make your galaxy makeup stand out.

Source: Instagram/stephanietranmua


8. Only do half of your face.


An intricate galaxy look can take a long time. Cut it down by only doing a half-face look.

Source: Instagram/makeupbyjuliann


9. Go for galaxy tears.


You can also just do galaxy makeup under your tears, like giant tears.

Source: Instagram/kennedyblaskomua


10. Add lots and lots of stars.


I love how many little white stars and planets there are over this beautiful purple/blue makeup. It’s gorgeous!

Source: Instagram/el.michell


11. Be different by doing a blue galaxy instead of a purple one.


The purple/blue metallic combo is really popular, but you can stand out by using just blue makeup instead.

Source: Instagram/amandacelena


12. If you want to do something more subtle, just do galaxy eye shadow.


This shadow is beyond beautiful and still looks appropriate for Halloween.

Source: Instagram/cuurlwhateva


13. Put little star stickers in your hair too.


As if this makeup weren’t beautiful enough on its own, this girl added little stars to her magical hair. It looks amazing.



14. Line your eyes so that they look like little spaceships or planets.


The graphic lines around her eyes make this gorgeous look even better.



15. Wear metallic silver lipstick and eyeliner.


Do galaxy freckles, then add cool lipstick and eyeliner for the full effect.

Source: Instagram/lexilazaro


16. Use black makeup instead.


How amazing does the galaxy makeup look with a black background instead of purple or blue?

Source: Instagram/madyyylion


17. Mix your galaxy makeup with zipper makeup.


I usually don’t like zipper makeup looks because they freak me out, but this one is so impressive!

Source: Instagram/brooklynbeatface


18. Opt for orange/red instead.


Who says you can’t mix it up with colors? This orange/red look is awesome.

Source: Instagram/paintmyface.makeupbyalex


19. Use green and black makeup with bright pops of neon color.


This is INTENSE. It’s… almost scary, it’s so good.

Source: Instagram/nikeilgenesis


20. Make good use of black lipstick.


Black or blue lipstick is ideal for a galaxy makeup look, especially if you’re going for darker hues all around.

Source: Instagram/laurentylor_

Which one of these galaxy makeup looks is your favorite? Have you ever done one yourself? Tell me in the comments.

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