7 Easy Ways To Make Money Off Of Your Old Clothes

I have a lot of clothes. Like mountains of clothes, filling up my closet. It would be fine if I wore them all, but I don’t. They just sit there. I buy things that I think are cute, and then they live in the back of my closet for months and I forget about them and only wear the same pair of jeans every day. I buy some crazy sequined dress that I would normally never wear, but it’s on sale so I feel like I have to get it, because I’ll find somewhere to wear it one day, right? So I do, and it remains unloved in the back of my closet or dresser. Does this sound familiar? I can’t be the only one who does this, right?

There is nothing that breaks my heart more than unworn clothes, so I always try to find a way to get my clothes in the hands of someone who will actually wear them. The problem with that is that I spend too much of my hard-earned money on my clothes just to go and give them away. It’s not really fair, TBH. In order to fix this, I started finding ways to get some extra cash for my clothes. Luckily, there are some amazing ways to save money and get rid of your old threads. Take a look at these easy ways to make money off of those clothes that are collecting dust in the corner of your room.

Go To Crossroads Trading Company

You can bring any of your stylish old clothes to Crossroads Trading Company and they will buy it off of you. Don't know what to bring? You can check their site for what kind of items they are looking for so you can be sure to get a good deal. The best part is that even if there isn't a store by you, you can send in your clothes through the mail. Score!

Try ThredUP

This site is an easy way to sell (and buy!) cute clothes for super cheap. It's similar to Crossroads but it is done all online. ThredUP sends you a bag and you fill it with all of your unwanted clothes and they pay you for the clothes they want through Paypal. It really is that easy.

Downloasd Tradesy

Tradesy is another way to make some cash from your clothes, but you can do it all yourself through an easy app. All you have to do is upload pictures of what you want to sell and wait for people to buy it. When you get a buyer, Tradesy sends you a box to ship it in and you're good to go.

Use Vinted

This site is similar to Tradesy, but Vinted accepts more brands and you can even swap clothes with other users if you want to get more clothes without having to drop some more money.

Host A Rummage Sale

If you want to go the old-fashioned route, try holding a rummage sale in your neighborhood or on your college campus. It's an easy way to sell you clothes and hang out with your friends!

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Visit A Consignment Shop

Going to an actual consignment shop might be a little old school, but it's a lot easier than shipping all of your clothes through the mail. You can find a local consignment shop like Buffalo Exchange and they will buy your clothes from you.

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Have A Clothing Swap

Instead of getting money for your clothes, try getting clothes for your clothes. You can host a clothing swap with all your friends and raid each other's closets to get some new outfits without having to pay for them.

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Are you going to try any of these sites or tips?  Tell us in the comments!

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