12 Easy Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes That Only Need A Mask

If you’re someone who identifies as a procrastinator, you probably come to this same same conclusion every year around the end of this month: The Halloween game is rigged against you. Well, not “rigged,” exactly–there’s a lot you could do to stack the odds in your favor–but so many Halloween costumes require, like, weeks (if not months) of preparation. You have to think of a costume. Find all the components for it. Do a couple test runs to see if it effectively communicates the concept you’d like it to. It’s a lot of work!

You can combat your procrastination by doing a makeup-based costume, but even the easier ones require a certain level of skill, diligence, and preparation. The solution? Get a mask. There are a ton of Halloween costumes that only require some sort of a mask to turn a regular outfit into a legitimate, Instagram-worthy costume. So, if you’re more the “throwing things together” type of person as opposed to, say, the kind that lives and dies by preparation, check out these super easy, super last minute Halloween that you can put together with just a mask:

Rabbit Mask

All you need for this mask is a printer and the ability to follow instructions, since it's an instant download that comes with PDF instructions on how to put it together. It's so big that you don't really need a ton of other components to make it all fit together--a simple black tank top or tee should work just fine.

Image source:Etsy

Ice Princess Mask

This is a super cool DIY mask that adds a nice element to any costume--you can wear it with an old prom or Homecoming dress for a masquerade costume, a leotard and tights for some sort of superhero costume, or just plain clothes to be yourself...in a mask. The possibilities are endless!

Image source:Pinterest


So easy! All you need is a black mask, black-and-white striped tee, and black pants or a skirt. Extra points for getting a partner-in-crime and doing some scampering and, like, hijinks, I guess.

Image source:Pinterest


Catwoman is one of the oldest "Oh-crap-I-forgot-it-was-Halloween" costumes in the books, but you know what? It's still a good costume! All you need is a black mask, cat ears, and whatever black clothes you've got.

Image source:Healthy Tipping Point

Poison Ivy

Most Poison Ivy costumes rely on makeup, but this is a quick, easy mask that solidifies the look and makes it so that you don't have to go quite so crazy with the green eyeshadow.

Image source:Pinterest

Angry Birds

This super recognizable costume couldn't be easier--all you need to do is fold a yellow piece of paper over your nose to form a beak, then put on some yellow and red eyeshadow. It's not *exactly* a mask, since it relies on makeup too, but it's easy enough that it might as well be one.

Image source:Pinterest

Frida Kahlo And Diego Rivera

These cardboard masks might take a little more work (okay, a lot more work) to construct, but the payoff, as you can see, will be pretty priceless.

Image source:Pinterest

Emoji Masks

Not into showing your face at all this Halloween? Try out an emoji mask--all you need to do is cut a circle out of a yellow piece of cardboard, then drawing your fave emoji face on it. (You can also do the same thing by buying a yellow paper plate and painting on those, if you don't trust your circle-cutting skills.)

Image source:Pinterest

Crochet Batman Mask

You could also go with an extra wide crochet Batman mask, which is so ornate that it does all of the work for you, costume-wise.

Image source:Pinterest

Purge Costumes

Purge costumes are too spooky for me, personally. But I guess that is the point of Halloween! Just get one of those characteristic masks, a white dress shirt, and a (fake) weapon if you're *really* committed to the look.

Image source:Pinterest

Lady Gaga Poker Face Mask

So, yeah--this is a pretty heavy-duty costume. But if you just so happen to have a silver sequin dress and some fishnet tights lying around, you might as well top it off with a Poker Face mask for this objectively iconic look.

Image source:Pinterest

Tin Man

Just throw on this mask and some silver-toned clothes and you'll be good as good as gold! Er, tin.

Image source:Instagram


What do you think of these mask-based costumes? Will you be wearing any of them? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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