16 Magical Harry Potter Makeup Products You Can Buy Right Now

Is it just me, or, in the last few weeks, has it been impossible to go on Facebook without seeing at least one Newsfeed post about Harry Potter makeup? About three weeks ago, one of the top trending topics for almost the entire week was the magical, and also non-existent, mock-up of a Harry Potter makeup palette from a Reddit thread. Two weeks ago, fans rejoiced when they realized someone had capitalized on their HP love and created a makeup brush set that look like Harry Potter wands. This week, everyone is freaking out about this beautiful Harry Potter highlighting palette that, while gorgeous, is also completely sold out. 

As much as I adore the rabid fandom that is the Harry Potter fandom, I started to feel annoyed about all of the beautiful HP beauty products I would get excited to buy, only to realize that I couldn’t. Anyone else? What good is a gorgeous eye shadow palette if it’s not even real? What am I supposed to do with a highlighting palette that sold out the second Buzzfeed posted about it? What about makeup we can actually purchase right now?

And so, I did a little searching of mine. Surprisingly, there are many Harry Potter inspired makeup products out there on the market, enough so that I’m surprised that a fake one and a few sold out options got as much attention as they did. We’ve been sleeping on this market, Muggles! Here are a few amazing and magical Harry Potter makeup products you can buy right now. And by right now, I mean you should probably order them right now before they sell out too! Don’t say I didn’t warn  you.

1. The Harry Potter Brush Set


This wand brush set sold out pretty quickly, but I included it here because *fingers crossed* they make more and the pre-order opens up again. They’re too cool not to add. Sorry, now the cosmetics you can REALLY purchase will begin!

Wand Brush Set, $55 to pre-order, Storybook Cosmetics


2. Pumpkin Juice Lip Balm


‘Tis the season for all things pumpkin, so why not get one of these pumpkin juice lip balms? Not only is pumpkin juice delicious (I almost liked it better than Butterbeer!) but this is just adorable packaging.

Pumpkin Juice Lip Balm, $3, Etsy


3. Harry Potter Eye Shadow




If you loved the eye shadow palette from the Reddit thread that wasn’t real, then you’ll love these eye shadows from Shiro Cosmetics, who have an entire Harry Potter line. The colors are gorgeous, and the names are so fun.

Eye shadows, $1 – $6.50, Shiro Cosmetics


4. Harry Potter Glitter Nail Polish


Okay, how gorgeous is this nail polish? The flecks of glitter are actually shaped like tiny HP symbols, like a lightening bolt, snitch, and witch hats. Plus, the colors are on point.

Nail Polish, $9.50, Etsy


5. The Boy Who Lived Collection


These gorgeous shadow shades are awesome, but even better? The packaging they come in. These hand-drawn little pods are so cute that you won’t ever want to throw them away, and you shouldn’t! These are perfect.

The Boy Who Lived Full Collection, $44.50 – $70, Brija Cosmetics


6. Mischief Managed Eye Shadow


I’m obsessed with the color of this eye shadow – the shimmery brown and golden flecks make a perfect neutral or base for a brown smokey eye. And the name is just irresistible.

Mischief Managed Eye Shadow, $5.99, Geek Chic Cosmetics


7. Butterbeer Lip Balm


Enjoy the flavors of butterbeer every day with this all-natural butterbeer lip balm. It’s so good, you’ll want to eat it off your own lips. But don’t do that. Make our recipe instead!

Butterbeer Lip Balm, $3.50, Etsy


8. Hagrid Hair Conditioner


How great is this tribute to Hagrid in hair conditioner form? Conditioner might not be a makeup product, technically, but this still counts, because it’s amazing.

Happee Birthdae Harry Conditioner, $6, Baby Corn


9. HP Lip Balms


Want more than just pumpkin beer and butterbeer lip balms? These are designed to be like some of the more popular potions, and they’re adorable.

Harry Potter Lip Balms, $10, Etsy


10. HP Highlighter 


If you’re not afraid to rock a more unique color of highlighter, buy this palette. The initial packaging is so cute that you might be tempted to never disturb it – look at those little glasses! – but the gorgeously different celestial shades are so amazing, you just might do it.

Harry Potter Highlighters, $28, Etsy


11. Fawkes Eye Shadow


Forget about the new Kylie Cosmetics eye shadow palette – this incredibly beautiful eye shadow is all you need in life, and it’s super cheap. The shimmery gold/orange/red color is just like Fawkes, and it will make any look more eye-catching.

Fawkes Eye Shadow, $1, Etsy


12. Elder Eyeliner Wand


Can’t get your hands on the wand brush set? Get this one instead – it’s definitely not settling! This beautiful wand brush will make everyone jealous.

Elder Eyeliner Wand, $9, Etsy


13. The Boy Who Lived Highlighter


If you can’t do green highlighter, no worries – this red and yellow one will work a little bit better for you. Love the stripes!

The Boy Who Lived Face Highlighter, $15, Etsy


14. Witchcraft and Wizardy Set


Yet another amazing HP eye shadow set with some seriously impressive packaging. The colors inside are beautiful but I would buy these just for the cute tins.

Witchcraft and Wizardy Complete Set, $31.99, Geek Chic Cosmetics


15. HP Bubble Bath


I know bubble bath isn’t makeup, but who couldn’t use a bottle of it to relax sometimes? These Harry Potter inspired scents, colors, and names are on point.

Harry Potter Bubble Bath, $3, Etsy.com


16. Harry Potter Makeup Bag


Last but not least, you’ll need a place to hold all of your new magical makeup products. Why not make it this makeup bag? It’s literally the cutest one I’ve seen in a long time.

Harry Potter makeup bag, $15, Etsy

Which one of these Harry Potter makeup products are you going to buy? What did we forget to add? Let me know in the comments.

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