7 Ways To Stop Being So Jealous Of Your Significant Other

Of all the emotions that can be used to create art–joy, sadness, anger, whatever–the best one, I think, is jealousy. Thanks to this particular emotion, we have Beyonce’s Lemonade. Shakespeare’s entire oeuvre, basically. And, of course, Nick Jonas’ timeless classic of the titular theme, “Jealous.”


But jealousy, while objectively an excellent crafting device for books and paintings and songs that are meant to represent the complexity of the human condition when confronted with a lover who is possibly being led astray, is not a very good thing to feel yourself. In fact, it is one of the worst emotions that one can feel, I think–that nebulous, burning mixture of anxiety, anger, and sadness, all compressed into a hard little cone of shame in the pit of your stomach. It’s a feeling that can make all thoughts of rational behavior seem suddenly impossible.

So, if you’re feeling jealous, you can channel this emotion into a piece of art that, much like Nick Jonas’ “Jealous,” will one day become one of the most hallowed works of all time. Otherwise, check out these easy ways to stop being so freaking jealous of your SO all the time:


Are you a jealous person? Do you have any good tips for beating jealousy? Let us know in the comments!

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