12 Amazing DIY Superhero Costumes For Girls

Who says only guys can be superheroes for Halloween? No offense, but female superheroes are better than male ones. You can fight me on this if you want, but I stand by what I said. Girls make the best superheroes because they can fight evil and still wear killer outfits, sometimes they even wear heels. Honestly, it’s inspiring.  I’m sick of male superheroes getting all the credit when girls work just as hard as them. It’s about time we acknowledge that Supergirl is a lot cooler than Superman, am I right?

Do you ever want to feel like you can take on the world? Try dressing up as a superhero. It will change your life and make you feel like you actually have powers. Never done it before? Well, Halloween is the perfect time to DIY your own superhero costume that will make everyone actually think you can fight evil. Maybe you can, who knows? It’s Halloween, anything is possible! Try out these awesome superhero costumes and go kick some butt. 

Are you going to try out any of these awesome costumes? Tell us in the comments!

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15 DIY Tech-Inspired Halloween Costumes

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