22 Normal Things That Actually Make You A Nasty Woman

We’ve all been called a “nasty woman” at one point in our lives, even if those exact words aren’t used. You don’t need to do very much to be deemed nasty, and you can even get the label when you’re in a position of power. Earlier this week, presidential candidate Donald Trump called opponent Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” during the final Presidential debate, a sentence I never imagined typing. This is something someone running for the highest office in the world can actually get away with doing! LOL!

Just kidding. There is nothing about this election that makes me feel at ease. You don’t even have to be into politics to notice a shift in our cultural climate and see that everybody is on edge. So, what do you do to keep from crying? You laugh. Hard. Then, you make t-shirts that support Planned Parenthood. Naturally, we feminists with internet access have taken to repurposing “Nasty Woman” as a rallying cry. Why? We all collectively recognized that you don’t need to be running for President to be considered a nasty woman, you just have to identify as female in a patriarchal society.

So, what kind of normal things make you a nasty woman? Nasty women aren’t nice girls. Nasty women don’t back down, they stay mad, they make change, and they run for office. They’re bossy bosses and they’re probably pretty loud. In a society that values nice girls over nasty women, you can see how the latter can be used as an insult. Why? If you aren’t a nice girl, you’re clearly a woman who deserves less respect than nice girls. Nice girls are cool girls. They’re so chill and amiable, they’re down for whatever, they say yes a lot, and don’t challenge anyone or anything. Nasty women say no. Nasty women aren’t concerned with how nice they are. Nasty women get sh*t done. If you’re a nasty woman, there’s no need to feel ashamed about it. Be proud. Stay nasty. The world needs more of us.

1) Articulating your point in a clear, concise way.

How dare you, tbh.


2) Not being agreeable 100 percent of the time.

Make a ruckus! Say no to things! There’s a ton of value on women being unobtrusive in society to the point where we’re invisible. Disagree and make it known.


3) Disagreeing with your partner.

One point that was thrown against Hillary Clinton is that her husband disagrees with her on a certain topic. But guess what? He’s not running for president. And anyone who’s ever been in a relationship will tell you that you don’t have to agree all of the damn time. You can disagree. Imagine that! Imagine, if you will, a woman disagreeing with her male partner about something. A nasty woman, you might say.


4) Being a separate human being from the men in your life.

Their thoughts are not your thoughts, your body is not theirs, your opinion is not a reflection on them. Mind = blown.


5) Having any opinion at all, really.

Yes, ANY opinion. Women having opinions? Unheard of. Why do you need a point of view or a prerogative about anything? Gross. Keep doing it.


6) Not being “cool with it” all the time.

I’m all for women being less cool. Have no chill. Lose all of your chill. Chill can only get you so far.


7) Never giving up.

Any time someone tells you to give up, then you quietly don’t, you’re being a nasty woman. This goes for anything you’re truly passionate about that everyone tells you not to do and then you do it anyway because winners never quit. Remember that time Clinton lost to Obama back in 2008 then got right back on that horse and ran for president again?


8) Growing, changing, and taking constructive criticism.

People in your life pulling up receipts from years ago, like you aren’t an ever evolving human being. Hold your ground, stay firm in your point of view, and don’t let people treating you like it’s ten years cloud the fact that you’ve grown, adapted, and changed.


9) Being considered “intimidating.”

Stop calling women “intimidating” like it’s a bad thing. It’s not our problem to solve because it’s not our problem that you feel intimidated by us. Step up or step away. Your feeling inadequate is a personal problem.


10) Being a woman in a position of power.

I don’t care if you’re team captain of a group project, anyone having to listen to a woman in charge is going to get a lot of pushback from guys, in particular, who think they know better than her. Your teacher who’s been doing her job for longer than you’ve been alive? Is there or is there not some loud mouth bro who tries to derail her anytime she does something that’s challenging to him?


11) Not being shy about how smart and strong you are.

As women, we’re taught to play down these qualities as to not intimidate or emasculate the men in our lives. Nasty women aren’t about that life.


12) Actually being capable and qualified for what you want to do in your life.

None of that second guessing. You know what you want and you know you can do it. You don’t back down. Actually being what you say you are is nasty. Stay nasty.


13) Doing exactly what you say that you’re going to do.

*praise hands emoji*


14) Surpassing people’s expectations of who you are, what you aspire to, and what they believe you’re capable of.

This is nasty because you are shaking the box that someone else put you in in order to control you and restrict your power. That box is stupid. Break the box and don’t let anyone underestimate you.


15) Wanting the choices you make about your body to be respected and legalized by the government.

There’s been a lot of talk of a certain candidate overturning Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court case that legalized abortion. His running mate actually signed a law requiring funerals for aborted fetuses. Abortion is a controversial topic, but if you’re pro-choice, that sure as hell makes you a nasty woman.


16) Not wanting to have sex with whoever wants to have sex with you.

Who you want to have sex with and who wants to have sex with you are not always the same thing. Sometimes they are! When you say no, you’re a nasty woman and sometimes when you’re the victim of rape or sexual assault, you’re still a nasty woman because not being sexually compliant with everything is nasty. It’s a no win situation. It’s your body and you have the right to defend it and have the laws in our country and in your state protect and defend you against rape and abuse.


17) Calling out oppression and injustice when you see it.

If you see something, say something.


18) Wanting to change the system that is oppressing you.

If you see something wrong in the system, do everything in your power to change it, even if it’s just in your small circle. Think your school dress code is a part of rape culture? It probably is! Can you get a meeting with your principal?


19) Taking action.

You walk the walk, you don’t just talk the talk. You’re about taking action. You don’t just have opinions, you act on them in a positive way to create change.


20) Refusing to be grabbed by the pussy.

I’m not going to make a joke about this because sexual assault isn’t funny and calling it out evidently makes you nasty.


21) Voting.

Even if you’re voting for trump, women, especially women of color being allowed to vote is new and revolutionary. Don’t take this privilege lightly. It’s your democratic right. If you’re of age, vote.


22) Believing that you deserve to be the President.

The audacity to believe this as a truth is enough to get you called a nasty woman. Do you want to be president one day? Congratulations, you’re a nasty woman. How dare you aspire to greatness. Now, let’s get you to the White House.

Are you a nasty woman? Are you proud of it? Let us know in the comments!

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