9 Things You Should Never Do Before A First Date

We go on first dates to have a good time and to hopefully confirm that there *is* a connection with that person. We don’t just go on them for fun, because we love all of the awkward silences, stilted conversation, and confusion about how the bill should be paid. Therefore, the ultimate goal of a first date is to get a second (and hopefully third and fourth one), right? If you can get a kiss out of it, that is a big bonus.

What you do on your first date should be what feels natural to you. If you attempt to follow the so-called “dating manual” perfectly, things will probably be really awkward and feel a little forced. That being said, there are some good guidelines you should remember while you’re out there in the dating dame. There are some things that are a good idea to avoid while you’re on a date, but there are also some you should avoid doing before that Uber comes to pick you up for said date.

Yeah, first dates usually require a bit of preparation, but you want to make sure you’re doing the right kind of prep. Then there are some things you should probably stay away from in the first place. These are the nine things that you shouldn’t do before a first date.

Look Into Them A Little Too Much

Preparing for a first date by looking the person up on all social media channels is fine. But cyber-stalking to the point of ending up on their Facebook statuses from four years ago? That's a little excessive. Knowing too much information about the person can almost hurt you in a way - first of all, you can easily slip up and give yourself away, and second, it removes a lot of the mystery, which is the fun part. Aside from that, "getting to know them" via the Internet can give you the wrong impression of them. Save that for real life.

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Drink Booze

I used to know a girl who would take a shot or two before a first date because she was so nervous. This is not a good idea. One: you are probably underage and that is illegal. Two: if you get drunk, that is embarrassing AF. No one wants to be wasted heading to a first date. If you feel that the only way you can go on this date is with some booze in your system, you should be asking yourself why that is. If you think that you need alcohol to make yourself likable, throw that thought out of the window. It's not true. Plus, you want a clear head so you can focus on your date and getting to know him or her. You don't want to be feeling sick.

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Follow Everyone They Know

Yeah, it would be nice to eventually have his friends become your friends, but we definitely aren't at that point. Adding all his peeps on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and that random app you just got is a little too much. I mean, you might not even really know the dude you're going on a date with. And don't even think about adding his/her mom on Facebook.

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Tackle A Big Project

Unless the deadline for the project is before your date, save it for another day. You don't want to get into something big because it will either stress you out that you're not done before your date, or it will completely wipe you out. You want to go on your date feeling refreshed. You don't want to go with your mind on that last little part of your project.

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Start Removing Body Hair

Unless, you know, you want to. But don't feel like you have to shave or wax until you are as smooth as a baby just to impress this person.

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Over Research Conversation Topics

It's fine to think of some talking points in case an awkward silence happens. But don't get too crazy - you don't want to feel like you're following a script, because that makes things stiff and unnatural. Think of a few things to discuss, but leave it open to other possibilites.

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Experiment With New Beauty Things

A good beauty rule of thumb is to avoid trying anything new before you have to go out in public. The four hours before your date is not when you should try dyeing your hair, applying fake nails for the first time, or attempt tontouring. Save those for a weekend when you're not going to be seeing someone in case things go wrong.

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Get Stressed Out

Yeah, I know that it is easier said than done. You're probably super nervous because you want your date to go well and you have all of these things to do. Stop for a second and just chillax. You don't want to go into any date when your stress level is through the roof. Forget about all those things you think you *have* to get done before your date and go have a relaxing soak in the tub.

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Eat Garlic

You probably don't need me to say this one to you, but it's worth repeating. Even if you're not expecting a goodbye kiss on your first date, you still don't want to go smelling like a fresh ol' bulb of garlic. Same goes for other really pungent foods.

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What mistakes have you made before a first date? Let us know in the comments!

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