The 47 Funniest Tumblr Posts About Beyonce

The world is obsessed with Beyonce, and of course, so is Tumblr. It’s virtually impossible to scroll through anyone’s Tumblr dashboard without coming across some sort of funny Beyonce meme, or awe-inspiring Beyonce image, or a quote about loving Beyonce, or one of her videos. Try it. I dare you! Back? Already found something? I thought so.

Funny Tumblr memes about Beyonce are one of my favorite things about Tumblr. Bey is so flawless that it’s refreshing to see her in a more humorous light sometimes, even if it’s just a photo with a stupid comment attached to it. Beyonce is also very expressive with her face, which makes for some hilarious pictures that just basically write the jokes themselves. Plus, I get endlessly amused at how people are obsessed with Queen Bee. Like, yes, she is disturbingly close to perfection, but please chill.

Whether it’s a Tumblr user making an innocent Beyonce photo into a relatable situation, or someone stating their undying devotion to Bey, there’s no shortage of posts that will make you giggle. Check out some of the funniest Tumblr posts about Beyonce, and then try not to listen to her album on repeat.

1. A meme classic:


2. Same, me too.


3. When a random Beyonce photo explains things better than you ever could.


4. Everyone’s reaction to pizza:




6. This is my favorite thing on Tumblr.


7. The worst feeling out there:


8. 🙂


9. Relationship goals




11. Why is this so accurate?


12. When you’re fighting with bae:


13. That moment you realize someone kind of sucks:


14. Even at a young age, she knew.


15. When someone doubts you and you channel Bey’s attitude:


16. Or when someone hurts you and you channel her attitude:


17. True, same:


18. When you’re trying to freak bae out:


19. You when you know you’re wrong:


20. I just… why?


21. Remember when Beyonce saved Nicki?


22. Don’t involve Britney though!


23. You, channeling Beyonce to deal with your mom:


24. Everyone:


25. Reality vs. expectations:


26. Like… learn how to take a joke.


27. Extremely accurate:


28. I’m crying.




30. Find the lie.


31. You when you’re being petty:


32. WHY but also YES


33. This insane conspiracy theory that is also amazing


34. The realest Beyonce moment:


35. Everyone when Beyonce does anythingé


36. Literally where did this picture come from?


37. Wow, who knew?


38. How you know when Bey accepts you:


39. Priorities


40. Why are you all like this?


41. No caption needed:


42. L O Lé


43. When you’re being evil:


44. When Beyonce gets it:


45. Just please admire this gif of Beyonce checking someone out:


46. I love when Tumblr does this stuff:


47. Us when Beyonce does anything:

Which meme is your favorite? What did we forget to add? Tell me in the comments.

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