6 Unique Things To Try Masturbating With That Aren’t Sex Toys

Sometimes, any old sexy time stuff with do. Other times, you may get an urge for something a little more, ahem, creative. The same thing applies to masturbating. There definitely isn’t anything wrong with just using your fingers and/or sex toys, but sometimes you might want to *spice* things up. And there are those other times when you just don’t have access to a vibrator, and you want to try a little something something.

People can get very creative when it comes to the things they masturbate with. Sometimes it seems like nothing is off limits. It doesn’t matter how random, weird, or slightly scary the object is. Hello, household items. However, it is important to remember safety. You don’t want to use something that could cause an infection or an injury to your vag. That wouldn’t just kill the vibe, it would also probably put you off masturbating for awhile.

Before you go digging around in your closet for any old thing to get off to, hold up. I’ve rounded up a list of items that you can use to masturbate with that are safe and feel really, really good. Remember them the next time you’ve lost your dildo.


You don't have to look very far to find things to masturbate with. Your bed has some great ones that you're overlooking. Rubbing up against a pillow is actually a fairly common thing to do. Your usual pillow would work, but you can also get all fancy and try cylindrical ones or full body pillows.

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No, I'm not talking sex toys. I'm talking about all of those back and body massagers. You can go electric or you can try a manual version. Just be careful of anything that is too abrasive, like tools with hard bristles, or ones that are made out of wood. No one wants splinters on their cooch.

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Remember what I said about how your bed holds a lot of potential when it comes to objects you can masturbate with? Well, your actual mattress can do the trick. Peeps have commented that they especially love to grind up against the corner of a mattress for some *stimulation.* Just remember to do it with the sheets on so you can change 'em later, okay?

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Yeah, I know you've heard the faucet one. However, things don't stop there. Think of water like a heating and cooling lube. You can play around with different temperatures. Try dipping your fingers in hot then cold water and alternating things down there. Just make sure you don't go too hot. Burning yourself isn't part of the fun.

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A glove is one of those things that is so simple that you will wonder why you never thought to try it yourself. Play around with different fabrics like satin, leather, or even perforated styles. You'll be surprised at all of the different sensations. Just promise not to steal anyone's gloves, okay?

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Ice Cubes

You might have played around with ice cubes during other sexy time activities, but they are also equally handy for masturbating. You might think that they would be so cold that things wouldn't be enjoyable, but that actually isn't the case. If you want some tips on how to masturbate with ice cubes, we recently rounded up some from the boards.

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What one do you want to try? Let us know in the comments!

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