21 Studying Tips From Tumblr That Will Change Your Life

If you are a patron of Tumblr–the popular Yahoo-owned microblogging site–you might be of the belief that its purpose is to generate objectively hilarious memes every now and then, but mostly just spit out vulgar and pornographic images on the odd occasion you dare to look at it in public. But, if I may put on my Donald Trump hat for just a moment (something I almost always refuse to do, even in jest, but work with me here), I’d have to tell you that you are WRONG.

See, as I learned the other day from Buzzfeed, Tumblr is also a haven for a very different type of porn–studying porn, which, on Tumblr, is usually referred to as “studyblr.” Simply put, studyblr is a type of niche blog that provides a conglomeration of the neatest, prettiest, most meticulous set of classroom notes with the idea that, if you, too, take your notes on parchment paper with a rainbow ink calligraphy pen, you’re bound to ace every single test you have for the rest of the semester.

To me, Tumblr studying inspiration seems sort of like bullet journals–those special diaries-cum-planners that are used to painstakingly map out every aspect of one’s day–in that they are certainly aspirational, aesthetic-wise, but a little bit of a toss-up when it comes whether or not it can actually raise your level of productivity. So, these Tumblr studying tips could make your academic career, or, you know, they could cause you to fall into a black hole of study-related envy that you may never find your way out of. Either way, they’re fun to look at! Check ’em out here:

1. Plan out your entire schedule in a color that you find soothing:



2. Outline all of your notes with a black marker and highlight each header:



3. Make individual pages for each main concept:



4. Snapchat your process for accountability:



5. But also leave encouraging notes for yourself for moments when you might lose motivation:



6. Highlight trouble areas in non-jarring pastel colors:



7. Make sure your studying environment is as peaceful as possible:



8. AKA you’re surrounded by things you like, but nothing especially distracting:



9. Map out your own thought process (and, uh, Charles DArwin’s thought process, in this case):



10. Identify what you find interesting about the subject,and expand from there:



11. Compare your notes with your textbook when you’re done to see what you’re missing:



12. Take notes on graph paper instead of regular lined paper if that helps you keep everything neat:



13. Use accessories like sticky notes to make the page more interesting:



14. Washi tape helps too:



15. Illustrate whatever you can to make the concept stick more:



16. Always keep a glass of aesthetically-pleasing tea by your side, of course:



17. Start with your notes being purely informative, then embellish. If you want to look at them, you will:



18. Like, this is pretty flawless:



19. Minimalist art!



20. Copy this guide to improving memory to, you know, improve your memory:



21. Most important of all? Remember self care. Seriously. It’ll help your studying, too.


What do you think of these studying guides? Are there any good ones I didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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