17 Amazing DIY Music-Inspired Halloween Costumes For This Year

I don’t know how you feel about music, but personally? I love it. I love to jam out, rock out, and, like, go ballistic, I guess when I hear the sweet, sweet beat of a particularly good song, which I only allow myself to obtain from three sources: Jacob Sartorius’ musical.ly account, Kidz Bop albums (exclusively volumes one through seventeen), and NPR’s “All Songs Considered” podcast. Anyway, a true connoisseur of all things music and culture-related, I feel that it is my imperative to share some music-based costumes to wear this Halloween.

There are a number of terrible, stressful, pun-based lead-ins that I could make here, such as, I don’t know, “Wanna rock out this Halloween? If so, here are some totally in-tune costumes to help you do that,” or, “March to the beat of your OWN drum this Halloween with these totally rockin’ costumes.” Aren’t those bad? I care about you, though, so I’ll spare you the indignity–instead, just check out these super cool music-inspired costumes that will show everyone that you are, in fact, a true lover of music:


If you are severely opposed to the idea of wearing pants this Halloween, just go as Beyonce in the 7/11 video--all you need is a KALE T-shirt, boy shorts or spandex with a fun print, and knee pads.

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If you *must* do a pun-based costume, try this "Bee-Yonce" one--do a bee costume to whatever level of intensity that you're willing to go to, then add a "YONCE" on the front. Flawless! (Sorry.)

Image source:Pinterest

Katy Perry

If you've got a grass skirt and leather bikni or crop top lying around, you definitely need to go as Katy Perry in the "Roar" video--it's recognizable, comfy, and, considering the prevalence of flower crowns, relatively easy to put together.

Image source:Pinterest

Yellow Submarine

If you're into The Beatles, all you need for a costume is a piece of cardboard and some skill with scissors and paint. You might have some trouble moving your upper extremities in this costume, but it's cool enough that you won't really notice.

Image source:Pinterest

John Lennon & Yoko Ono

Or, go as music history's most iconic couples. The best part of this costume is that you probably already have all the items for both of them in your closet.

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This costume is super easy and super cute--all you need, pretty much, is a KISS t-shirt and some face paint. Make sure you send a picture to your parents so they can remember their days as a glam metal stan.

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'Right Hand' T-Shirts

This is a super easy costume for you and your BFF--all you need are some oversized tees, a permanent marker, and the characteristically sloppy scrawl from the "If You're Reading This It's Too Late" Album.

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Or, you can go as the man himself--thicken your brows, add some stubble, and, if you've got short hair, give yourself his cowlick-y part.

Image source:Instagram

Justin Bieber

"Sorry" came out last year, but the video is still fresh on everyone's mind, so you shouldn't have too much trouble with recognition. But, just to be safe, you should probably do all the dance moves throughout the night. Just in case.

Image source:Pinterest

Nice Taylor Swift

Remember how much you loved Taylor Swft's last album? A simpler time, 2014. Anyway, you can definitely pay homage to 1989 with a pretty simple costume--all you need, really, is a piece of cardboard that's cut out to look like a Polaroid. If you want, you can add some other, characteristically-Taylor outfit pieces, like sunglasses, a Breton stripe shirt, and, naturally red lipstick.

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Evil Taylor Swift

The "Blank Space" video will never stop being iconic, right? Recreate this look with a black nightgown, robe, red lipstick, eye mask, and a (fake, please) knife. (You can probably also use this as a tie-in to the infamous, ongoing Kim-Kanye-Taylor Swift debacle from this year.)

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Ariana Grande

This is a pitch perfect (hehe) recreation of an Ariana Grande look. You don't actually have to do this exact look, however--pretty much any PVC-based dress or skirt paired with cat ears and some over-the-knee boots will work.

Image source:https://www.pinterest.com/pin/370280400591893590/

One Direction

Ah, 2012 One Direction. Zayn was still there, Louis wasn't a literal father, and they were, uh, still together. Hard to imagine now, right? Gather your fellow stalwart One Direction stans to pay tribute to this simpler, more innocent time.

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Wanna be everyone's fave DGAF pop princess? Just pull on some red, green, and yellow fringe, a black crop top, and some sunglasses. It's a perfect, super comfy, totally iconic costume that you're bound to receive compliments on the whole night.

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Sound Of Music

More into musicals than pop music? If so, just grab a floaty lilac dress and some nude character shoes, and you'll be the perfect recreation of Liesl from The Sound Of Music.

Image source:Pinterest

'Hamilton' Costume

If you're into musicals, chances are good that you're also into Hamilton. For this Thomas Jefferson look, just get a peasant blouse, velvet vest, and lacy scarf.

Image source:Pinterest

Piano Skirt

To represent music as more of, like, a thematic piece than anything else, you can DIY this ruffle piano keys skirt pretty easily. Get a white, pleated skirt and place pieces of keys-sized black tape over it in spaces.

Image source:Pinterest

What do you think of these costumes? Which ones are your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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