9 Surprising Things You Have To Know About The G-Spot

A lot of sexy time stuff can be a bit of a mystery, especially when it comes to female sexuality and what’s going on down there. Even a lot of females are confused AF about the inner workings of the vaginal area. Periods, random breakouts, strange pains, and awkward aches all fall into this category, but none as much as what turns a female on. The biggest mystery of them all is arguably the G-spot.

The *mythical* G-spot is a mystery to both guys and girls. Sure, there is a lot of talk about it, but most of the time, it doesn’t make things any clearer. Let’s face it, the G-spot is more of a mystery than the ending of Game of Thrones or why some people never, ever seem to age (I’m looking at you, Paul Rudd). Sometimes it can be hard to believe that you actually have a G-spot.

If you’re looking to solve the G-spot mystery, I have some answers. I may not be able to tell you who will end up ruling the Seven Kingdoms, but I have facts that will hopefully make you understand the G-spot a little better. Check out nine surprising things you didn’t know about the elusive G-spot.

It Doesn't Feel Smooth

If you're looking to find your G-spot yourself, you'll know you've hit the, erm, jackpot, when you feel a rougher patch on the front wall of your vag. The G-spot is characterized as being rougher compared to other smoother areas in the vagina, according to Good To Know.

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It's Not Actually A Spot

That's right. It may have *spot* in the name, but the G-spot doesn't have an actual spot. The more accurate term would be G-zone. Best Health Mag wrote about a study where vaginal orgasms happen in the clitorourethro-vaginal area which is made up of the anterior vaginal wall, Skene’s glands and the inner part of the clitoris.

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It's Different For Everyone

Everyone is unique, so it should make sense that not all of our G-spots are the same, right? It will take some sexy time experimenting to find yours. I assume you and your SO will be up to the challenge? Remember, that it's not a specific spot, but more a general region.

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We Don't Know Its Purpose

In one of your pensive moods, have you ever stopped and wondered why the G-spot exists at all? Well, science has looked into it. Some believe that it's simply there to feel suuuuuper good. Good To Know states that some believe it can help ease pain during childbirth when stimulated. Wowza.

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The 'G' Stands For Another Word

Sure, we're familiar with the term, but do you know what the ~*G*~ actually stands for? The full name is the Gräfenberg spot. It's named after the German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, who discovered it in 1950, according to Dictionary.com. Remember that for the next game night.

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You Can Get Shots To Enhance It

The G-spot is so mystical that some people are even getting shots to *enhance* theirs, according to Shape. Yes, for real.

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We Still Don't Even Know If It Exists

There is ongoing speculation about whether the G-spot actually exists because of the fact there is no precise spot and for the reason that only some women can achieve vaginal orgasms. However, recent studies do point to evidence of its existence. They state conflicting studies were neglecting different factors in their research such as the differences among women.

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It Doesn't 'Work' For everyone

If you've never had a vaginal orgasm, don't worry, there isn't anything wrong with you. You actually fall into the majority on this one. Best Health Mag points to a study where some peeps might not be built to have vaginal orgasms. They state it has to do with the thickness of their clitorourethro-vaginal area. Also, sometimes it might not be the mind-blowing experience you think it's gonna be. It could be all subtle.

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It Can Cause Ejaculation

When you find the spot, you're not guaranteed a powerful orgasm. You're not even guaranteed an orgasm. However, note that when you hit the G-spot, you can actually ejaculate and have a seriously powerful, wet orgasm, writes Shape.

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What fact surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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