15 Cool Tech-Inspired DIY Halloween Costumes To Wear This Year

I’ve never really been all that into technology, personally. While I am aware that it permeates basically every aspect of my life, in some ways that I am aware of (and many that I am not), I have never actually felt the urge to actually keep up with it. Sure, I’ll buy into the hype surrounding new tech that could possibly make my life easier, as well as the uproar over products that will make my life significantly harder, but that’s about where it stops. I use an iPhone, because that is what I know, and, uh, that’s it.

Still, while I am not so into tech from, like, an actual informed, critical perspective, I am into it from a strictly aesthetic one. Specifically for Halloween costumes–the sleek, shiny look that dominates so many product-debuting conferences also looks great in a costume. And you can make them yourselves! So, check out these cool, tech-inspired Halloween costumes that you’ve got to wear this year:


Does anyone still use Mozilla Firefox? I don't know, but I do know that this costume is super cute. Plus, it seems like it's also pretty easy to do--just dress up like a fox and carry around a stuffed or inflatable globe.

Image source:Pinterest

Pixelated Face

If you're handy with makeup, this is a really handy last-minute look. Plus, on a thematic level, it can mean pretty much anything you'd like it to--you're half-real, half-imagined, a little scary. Much like this election season! I don't know. Just spitballing here.

Image source:Pinterest

Steve Jobs

Here you see noted dramatic actress Dakota Johnson, who has dressed up as Steve Jobs for Halloween at one point, apparently. It's a good costume! It is unclear to me what the hairdryer is for, but if you wear a black turtleneck with high-waisted jeans and New Balance sneakers, everyone will know what yo're going for.

Image source:Pinterest

Magic 8 Ball

A Magic 8 ball itself isn't exactly, like, cutting-edge technology (in fact, some might call it a "hoax" or a "superstition"), but the costume itself is pretty tech-y, since it requires that you use a Magic 8 Ball app on a tablet, then strap it to the front of your outfit.


I don't know where the person went in this picture! Still, this is a good costume if you're into the Kirby Nintendo game.

Image source:NAME OF SOURCE

Google Maps

If Google Maps is your map technology system of choice, you and bae basically have to wear this costume. All you have to do is wear t-shirts with maps on them and make masks that say "Point A" and "Point B" on them to show that, you know, you've found each other.

Image source:Website Muscle

iPhone And Charger

Another cute couple costume option (with just a li'l bit of sexual innuendo) is this iPhone and charger one. Plus, it's pretty easy to make, since all you really need is cardboard.

Image source:Pinterest

Lit-Up Dress

Technically, this is a high fashion runway look from fashion designer Yiqing Yin. It shouldn't be *that* hard to put together yourself, however--just wear a black dress and string some lights around it.

Image source:Pinterest

Glowstick Jumpsuit

You can also go for a hardier look by wearing an all-black outfit and attaching neon glow strips to key focal points. Bonus points for lace-up boots.

Image source:Pinterest

3D Glasses

Pay homage to your favorite type of movie theater technology with this stylish, color-blocking tribute to 3D glasses.

Image source:Website Muscle


Apps! Gotta love 'em! Have your squad join you in your app enthusiasm by all dressing up as phone applications--all you need is some cardboard and a good printer.

Image source:Pinterest


Or, you can just go as your phone. Cut a hole for your head in a long piece of felt (it can be colored felt, like in the picture here) and tape or glue pictures of apps to the front.

Image source:Pinterest


Got some body paint? Go as a cyborg! It's relatively easy, depending on the level of commitment you're willing to get into.

Image source:Pinterest


Into Minecraft? Transition the game's pixelated aesthetic to your Halloween costume!

Image source:Pinterest

Error Message

If all else fails (literally), just go with this error message T-shirt. It'll strike fear into the hearts of literally everyone you come across, plus, all you need to do is write on a plain tee with a permanent marker.

Image source:Pinterest

What do you think of these costumes? Which ones are your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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