11 Guys Say What They Really Think About Foreplay

In the classic baseball analogy, sex is equivalent to a home run. While home runs are exciting, most players don’t achieve them every time they go up to bat, and they don’t just happen out of nowhere. The other bases are just as necessary–without first, second, and third, it’s impossible to score a home run. When comparing hooking up to baseball, then it only makes sense that all the steps leading up to sex are important parts of the process. For many people, this means that sex is not possible without foreplay. Getting each other worked up and turned on before doing the deed makes things better for everyone. Sure, sometimes sex happens quickly, with no lead-up, but in most cases, a little bit of fooling around makes a big difference.

Unfortunately, foreplay is a sometimes overlooked and underestimated part of hooking up. Many stereotypes will lead you to believe that guys are only in it to win it, and don’t care about how they get there. If boys aren’t going “all the way,” so to speak, they don’t care at all. To test that notion, we asked 11 real guys what they think about foreplay, and their answers might surprise you! Check them out so you know what to expect during your next hookup.

It's Super Memorable

Tim says: "I think it’s great. You can go straight for the main course sure, but the most memorable meals have appetizers."

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Sex Isn't The Same Without It

Nathan says, "I mean personally I absolutely love it. Sex sucks without it. It’s the only thing that builds drive and desire to actually have it in the first place. Plus it’s fun and allows for...creativity, if you will."

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It Depends On The Stage Of The Relationship

Derek says, "My first thought is that I love foreplay. It’s just as fun as sex, but usually focused one one person or the other. Sometimes it’s fun to be a little selfish or selfless. But then I realized that it’s also pretty situationally dependent. In my experience, being single or early in a relationship is when foreplay is the most fun. You’re exploring the other person, building up to the finale. Relationship sex is (eventually) focused on the climax. Foreplay is more of a tool to get there, not the exciting exploration it previously was. In both cases foreplay is great, just depends on if it’s taking the scenic route or the highway."

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Communication Is Important

John says, "I think foreplay is necessary for sure. I think also think it needs to be talked about before and during so that both people are getting what they need out of it. Something you've done with someone else isn't necessarily universal. I think a lot of men use that logic. Which is terrible."

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Sometimes It's Great

Steve says, "Depends if it’s good! Personally I love it. And if you’re both on the same page of what you like done to you/what you like to do, that helps."

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It's Great

Cam says, "I love it. Going right into sex can definitely be fun, especially if it’s the kinda drunk, ripping clothes off type. But foreplay is awesome IMO."

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It Depends On Who You're With

Andrew says, "Depends on the situation. Foreplay is for making an evening out of it. If it’s a random hookup or something like that then it’s better to get right to it, no time for games. Overall, I’d say I’m a fan."

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It's Great Because It Helps Get Girls Off

Kevin says, "That’s a bit situational. Guys love when a girl is super into them and who doesn’t enjoy a hand or blow job? Sometimes though it is a time commitment. It depends on the person. Selfish guys don’t really like it because they don’t want to reciprocate. Other guys like me enjoy it because it’s physical and girls can get off more than once."

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It's Very Important

Thomas simply says, "It’s an essential part of the experience."

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It's Good For A Little Bit

Joseph says, "I’m only one man. But I love giving it. Especially if it’s a girl you like. You want to make her feel good and with good foreplay it’s easier to get her off. I think also from an ego standpoint there’s something to it, too. In terms of receiving, it’s obvi amaze. That’s probably a no-brainer. That said, girls everywhere need to be aware of too much HJs. It’s nice to get things going, but after awhile if that’s all that’s happening it starts to hurt."

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It's The Best

Brendan says, "It’s lit. Touching and sucking is amazing. The only thing better is f***ing! (Just call me Dr. Seuss.)"

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What are your personal thoughts on foreplay? What did we forget to include? Let me know in the comments.


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