12 Things That Don’t Happen In A Good Relationship

Romantic relationships are a different experience for everyone – what works for one couple might not work for you and bae, and there’s nothing wrong with that. That said, there are some basic “rules” that every couple should keep in mind. This includes things that shouldn’t be happening in a relationship – unless, that is, your relationship is unhealthy and potentially toxic. Some of these things are really obvious, like you should never be trying to control someone or abuse of any kind. Others are less clear, and we can put some of the blame for that on Hollywood. The way relationships are often portrayed in movies and TV shows can make us look for things that seem good, but that actually ultimately harm us.

This also comes into play in the infamous #RelationshipGoals tag, an Internet *thing* that displays beautiful white couples doing things for each other that look pretty on paper – or, in this case, on Instagram. Sure, these things seem awesome, but in reality, they aren’t what a relationship should ever focus on. If you want to make things last with the person you really, really like, do yourself a favor and read these tips. An Ask Reddit thread discussed what a relationship isn’t about, and the answers led us to this list of things that don’t happen in good relationships. Keeping these things away from your love life is just as important as doing things that will strengthen your bond. Don’t write them off!

Which of these things surprised you the most? What did we forget to add here? Share in the comments.

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